Digital Declutter


Today I had a clean-up on the computer, most specifically, emails.

2015-10-30 01Our regular email address is with gmail and we also run one through Outlook.  I have been trying to unsubscribe from several sites which regularly dump emails in my Inbox as well as deleting ones that are no longer required but clearly that strategy was not working terribly well as in the category of “All Mail” there were 4,443 items!!  It was time to get ruthless so GMan and I set to work.  “All Mail” now contains 273 emails – a reduction of 4,130.  This will be further reduced in a couple of weeks as I am holding quite a number of emails until after we have been to Adelaide for the memorial service.

The Outlook mail was a much smaller bundle but it is now down to less than 50 items.

As always, one thing leads to another and I have also sorted/deleted/filed the bookmarks and downloads as well as our documents on the computer.

However, before you start thinking how virtuous I am, let me remind you that the photos are still a huge work in progress along with dreams of cataloging the music.  They are still ‘one day’ projects.

Just like physical decluttering, my efforts today make me feel much better.

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