Built for a Purpose


A very quick post tonight in between trying to catch on on some housework.

I brought the washing in this evening and folded it on the laundry bench.  Now, that may not sound very exciting but I was inspired to take a photo to show you.

2016-04-11 01

While the bench was not totally clear – a few things in one corner – it was adequate to fold a load of washing.  That was my plan when we had these cupboards built not long after we moved in.  The reality is somewhat different.  There always seems to be a bucket with something soaking in it, handwashing to be done and a myriad of other things.  I end up doing the folding on the spare bed or lounge and neither option is good for my back.

I am definitely going to try to keep this bench clear so that it can be used for folding clothes on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Built for a Purpose

  1. It is a dream – really worthwhile. We even got rid of an extra, unwanted doorway to be able to do it. It also meant that I could have a large walk-in corner pantry in the kitchen when we renovated.

  2. I have some how trained myself into the habit of folding as I take things off the line – which extends to taking things off in an order to putting them away is also simple (as BF and I are at different ends of the wardrobe, so I avoid ‘back and forth’). Like you – my benches in the laundry are often cluttered with the soda stream, powder etc etc.

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