A Frugal Mindset – 3


Well, I actually had 2 rest days but here I am, back again with number 3.

3. Frugal people know small expenses add up to big ones. I think we’ve all thrown something extra into the shopping cart because it was only a buck, or grabbed up the clearance item because it was just such a great deal despite having no idea how we’d use it. While getting a great deal for items you need is worth it, frugal people also realize something else — those small expenses add up to real money, so they can distinguish between impulse purchases and those that are necessary. There’s a reason frugal people are known as penny pinchers, they grasp the concept of a little bit adds up to a lot.

Question to ask yourself: Do I want to buy this because it’s a great deal, or because it’s just a small amount of money, or because I really need it and have a plan for how I’ll use it? 

2016-06-30 01

I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on this one.  I can honestly say that I very rarely buy anything that is not on my list or a planned spend.

I do not chase sale items for groceries or other household goods.  I shop intentionally and generally pay full-price for items but I believe it is still wiser than buying random stuff simply because it is on sale.  This works for me. I never have food that I do not know what to do with it because I only buy what we eat and what I need for the meals I have planned.  There are no clothes in my cupboard that have never been worn or piles of unused household goods.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “A Frugal Mindset – 3

  1. I’m definitely with you on this one. And I seldom make unplanned purchases. But an exception occurred just this week: I arrived at work soaking wet because of being splashed by a passing car on my way to the bus stop. I had no spare clothes in the office. So when I was able to take a quick break from meetings (in which I felt cold, miserable and wet), I dashed to the only shop in walking distance and bought something dry to wear.
    Still, relying heavily on the shop assistant to help me find things in my size quickly, I chose trousers that would not only do the job there and then, but also filled a gap in my wardrobe. I’ll be able to use them in a number of different circumstances. (My top was dry enough to not need to buy another.) And I think I’ll find a place in the office to keep a spare set of dry clothes for future ‘accidents’! 🙂

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