A Spending Spree


Sometimes I go for ages without buying anything apart from the essentials but then I seem to have a bit of a spree.

In the last week I have bought a clock and a dress.  The clock was to replace the one in the kitchen which had given up the ghost.  I spent a couple of hours trawling online and eventually found one that I liked.  It arrived in the mail today and I was very excited to hang it up.

2018-06-04 01

The dress was an impulse buy (sort of).  I was at the DFO with GMan and my mother on Saturday afternoon and I wandered into Jacqui E and this dress caught my eye.  It was originally priced at $170 but marked down to $50 and the final price I paid was $37.46!!

2018-06-04 02

It is an almost perfect fit – I need to shorten it a little and while the bodice fit is good, I could make it better by lifting the shoulders a little and taking a small amount of width out of the upper back.  It is heavy cotton, lined and looks like cutwork.  I have studied the construction and the alteration to the shoulders should be easy.  I will have to give the back a bit more thought.

I have a pretty cobalt blue cardigan to wear with it and now I just need a pair of navy shoes.  Coincidentally, I have already been searching for the shoes.


A Frugal Mindset – 3


Well, I actually had 2 rest days but here I am, back again with number 3.

3. Frugal people know small expenses add up to big ones. I think we’ve all thrown something extra into the shopping cart because it was only a buck, or grabbed up the clearance item because it was just such a great deal despite having no idea how we’d use it. While getting a great deal for items you need is worth it, frugal people also realize something else — those small expenses add up to real money, so they can distinguish between impulse purchases and those that are necessary. There’s a reason frugal people are known as penny pinchers, they grasp the concept of a little bit adds up to a lot.

Question to ask yourself: Do I want to buy this because it’s a great deal, or because it’s just a small amount of money, or because I really need it and have a plan for how I’ll use it? 

2016-06-30 01

I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on this one.  I can honestly say that I very rarely buy anything that is not on my list or a planned spend.

I do not chase sale items for groceries or other household goods.  I shop intentionally and generally pay full-price for items but I believe it is still wiser than buying random stuff simply because it is on sale.  This works for me. I never have food that I do not know what to do with it because I only buy what we eat and what I need for the meals I have planned.  There are no clothes in my cupboard that have never been worn or piles of unused household goods.

What about you?

For Sale – Clothes

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In my constant quest to declutter some of my stuff I give a lot of things away via Freecycle or the various op shops.  I do not use Ebay and have used Gumtree a couple of times.

So, dear reader, I have decided to put these 4 items I wish to sell here on my blog.  If you are interested or need more information please leave a comment and I will contact you or email me directly.

1.  Size 10 Crossroads fully lined, fitted sleeveless dress in very dark navy
100% polyester fabric – handwash.

2.  Size 10 tailored jacket, full lined with pockets and single button.
3.  Size 10 pure silk, fully lined Table Eight sleeveless dress in turquoise
colour – dryclean only.

4.  Size 10 jacket, paisley patterned polyester fabric in turquoise,black and
silver with single button and loop fastening. Handwash.
Photo of silk dress with jacket
These items are all in perfect condition and have only been worn a handful of
times. I am re-homing them as they no longer fit. I am asking $10 per item
plus the cost of posting them if required.

I am happy to separate the items, although the silk dress and paisley jacket are
designed to be worn as a set.

I live in Maleny, Qld and can arrange pick-up/delivery in south-east Qld. I
will also be travelling to Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD, Adelaide CBD, Ballarat and
Bendigo in the next 2 months if you wish to arrange pick-up.

I really hope I can find new homes for these garments as they are quality items.
Please let me know if you are interested or need any further information.