Keeping it Clean


While I do not have huge areas to declutter or sort out there are always ongoing jobs to do.  Some are so small that they are barely noticeable but 5 minutes can literally make the difference.

My clothesline is 5 parallel lines under the verandah.  Every few months I wipe down 4 of the lines with a damp cloth to remove any dust and grime.  The last line does not get done because I have 12 hanger holders positioned along the line.

Yesterday I took the hooks off because I was washing a couple of sets of sheets and needed the extra hanging space.  I realised the hooks were very grubby and the line was filthy.  I wiped the line thoroughly before I hung the white sheet on it and then washed the hooks.  A quick soak in some warm, soapy water then scrubbed with an old nail brush before I spread them out to dry.


Once the sheet was dry I replaced them on the line and hung out the next load which included plenty of items to dry on hangers.


A few minutes well spent to keep everything in working order.

4 thoughts on “Keeping it Clean

  1. Where did you get the hooks from? I had some from my sister but they eventually perished and broke. I think she got them from Avon

  2. Oh thanks for reminding me. I really must wipe my lines down. I use alternate lines on my undercover line and the ones I don’t use look really grubby. I forget about it from one wash to the other. Yes, very true that a few minutes work makes all the difference. Enough time to do those little jobs.

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