Warning: Election Ahead

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Here in Australia it is a bit over 3 weeks until the next Federal election.  I am definitely not about to try to influence how you vote but I do want to encourage everyone to stop and think carefully before your cast your votes.  Yes, that is votes – plural.

2019-04-25 01

We will be voting for our choice of local candidate for the House of Representatives or Lower House.  This is relatively straightforward with most seats having between 4 and 8 candidates vying for your vote.  Number all of the boxes sequentially beginning with 1 for your first choice and so on.

Then there is the Senate or Upper House which is a little more complex.  You have a choice to vote ‘above the line’ or ‘below the line’.  Rather than try to explain it, here is a link to the Australian Electoral Commission website which explains your options.

However you vote, please be engaged with the process and make an informed decision.  The right to participate in the democratic process is denied to many so exercise your right to vote wisely.


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