Plastic Free July – Update & A Refresher


Today I am reviving an older post  that should help in our quest for Plastic Free July and also in the future.

Do you buy pure butter in a compostable, paper wrapper?  Or are you like the majority of the population and buy margarine or some type of spread in a plastic container?  Want to stop getting those plastic containers?  Here is your answer.


I have been reasonably successful in sticking to plastic-free options so far this month.  My list of items containing single-use has been updated with a couple more items.  You can find it here.

Last night we ate out, at our local pizza restaurant.  There was no plastic involved as they use proper crockery and cutlery, however, the soft drink always is served with a straw (plastic).  I thought of this before I went so when we ordered our drinks I specifically asked for no straw.  I should really have taken it a step further and explained why I chose not to have a straw.

I was discussing this with The Duke and said that for Plastic Free July to have any real value, I needed to push the boundaries and not just do plastic free things that are part of my normal routine.

Have you done anything different this month?