Wet Washing


Although I have a tumble drier, I try to minimise the use of it.  My reasons are twofold – the electricity it consumes and also the wear and tear caused to our clothes.

We have a rotary clothesline in the backyard, however, that entails carrying a basket of wet washing down a flight of steps and around to the opposite side of the house from the laundry.  This is not terribly practical and for that reason I mostly use the clothesline which is under the verandah.  I can walk out of the laundry and wheel the basket of washing in the trolley to directly next to the line.

2013-06-27 01This was mounted and in place when we moved here.  It is an Extendaline and potentially could be longer but it is in the available space between the wall and the edge of the verandah (about 2 metres).  This means that I have 10 metres of line space and I can generally fit 1 – 1.5 loads of washing one here.  Each line is long enough to hold 3 business shirts.

Indoor clothes line

I have a variety of other options for hanging and drying clothes.  Here you can see my other rotary clothesline.  It is designed for camping and we bought it from Kathmandu.  It folds up completely, comes with its own carry bag and is very lightweight.  In the background you can see the mobile hanging rack which I use for ironed clothes but is also handy for finishing drying clothes in front of the fire.


This is much better than regular clothes airers as the lines are high enough to allow you to hang towels, jeans and even single bed sheets.

Jumpers on the line

These hangers are perfect for drying sweaters and cardigans as there are no peg marks.

Plastic bags

Here is a small clothes hanger with pegs attached.  I bought it in Japan several years ago but I believe you can buy them here in Australia now.  Apart from hanging rewashed plastic bags to dry, I use this for socks, handkerchiefs and underwear.

Finally, I have a clothes airer on castors which lives on the verandah and I often wheel it inside to dry things in front of the fire.

This post is for Kim who asked about my washing line under the verandah.  It is quite timely as the forecast here is for showers and rain for most of the next week.

What strategies do you have for getting washing dry in cold and/or rainy weather?