Make & Mend – Cot Quilt


As promised here is another of the things I have been working on.

On one of my many attempts to sort/tidy/declutter my sewing room I found some offcuts of material.  It is calico with blue teddy bears.  I also had some plain calico.

With no-one particular in mind I decided to make a quilt.  I discovered that I could make enough blocks to make a cot quilt if I added some plain navy blocks.

Patchwork quilt top
The batting and backing were added and the quilting was a simple ‘stitch in the ditch’ where the blocks were joined.

Then it just sat waiting to be bound and finished.  I finally got inspired and completed the quilt.  Handsewing the binding took a little time but I set myself a goal to get it done and here is the finished product.

Cot quilt
I am planning to send it to a friend whose patchwork group are busily making quilts for those who lost their homes in the recent NSW bushfires.  I hope it will help a family in need.

I am very gradually decluttering my sewing room.  It is a gradual process because I do not want to get rid of stuff but rather to use it up.  I plan to make things from the fabric that I have and donate them through various avenues so that others can benefit.