A Different Giveaway


This is not a regular blog giveaway.  This is a personal advertisement to any reader who may be interested.  If you are interested please contact me either via the comments or email listed the ‘About Me’ page.

Details: Handmade christening gown and petticoat. I made this from the fabric offcuts of my wedding dress and it was worn by both my daughters and granddaughter but no longer required. Perfect condition. Fits baby approximately 3kg – 7kg (newborn to 6 months).

Pick-Up: I can post this anywhere worldwide. Postage is payable by the recipient.


Project 333 – Wardrobe Orphans


While I have been busily writing about some of the strategies you can use to reduce your stuff, I have been reviewing the contents of my wardrobe.


As I have said before, I do not have a bulging closet.  Nevertheless, there are still items that get overlooked when I am planning an outfit to wear.  Why?  They fit and there is no good reason but they just tend to get overlooked.  They are the wardrobe orphans.


This sleeveless shirt is an identical style to others that I wear regularly but although I like it the top it does not really work with other pieces.  My skirts are all patterned and therefore I wear plain tops with them.  My shorts are white, black, red and khaki.  I don’t get excited about any of those combinations.  I think it needs denim or navy shorts or skirt.  I don’t have either nor am I planning on adding them to my wardrobe.  The final straw is that it obviously requires a white or nude bra and the 2 white bras that I have are too big and really past their use-by date.  So, the shirt has to go.


Another white shirt.  This time it is a 3/4 sleeve one with light blue metallic pinstripes.  Unlike the other one I have never really loved it.  I bought this when I needed another ‘business’ shirt but it generally gets cast aside in favour of others that I prefer.  It is just not right for me.

I am going to move both of the shirts out of my wardrobe and was planning on putting them in the op shop bag.  However, my first option is to offer them to any of my readers who are interested.  You may have one or both if you wish.  I am giving them away on the understanding that you will pay for any postage costs.  I am willing to post overseas if required.  They are best described as an Australian size 10 – 12.  The sleeveless shirt was made by me and is cotton.  The 3/4 sleeve one is Jacqui E cotton/nylon/elastane.

If you are interested please email me.  gandy79atgmaildotcom

Are there any orphans lurking in your wardrobe?

The Great Giveaway


I do not usually do 2 blog posts back-to-back but while I was writing my previous one Sarah posted a comment with this link about the giveaway that she received.

I had not previously had a giveaway on this blog as I did not feel that giving away more ‘stuff’ was necessarily in the spirit of what I write.  However, I thought that the milestone of 500 posts was worth celebrating and the my readers (or at least one lucky one) would be the winner.

The bag is modelled on this one and can be used for a variety of purposes – pegs, cleaning rags, dirty laundry or even children’s toys.  I would love to hear of other creative ways you could put a bag like this to use.

The giveaway, as Sarah correctly surmised is made from the remains of a doona cover and pillowcase which I bought a couple of years ago from the op shop.  While they did not have tags on, everything pointed to them being unused and they were made from a strong cotton fabric.  I have made a tablecloth, ironing board cover and now the giveaway from this fabric.

I am glad that Sarah is pleased with her surprise and as an added bonus, it matches her decor!

What do you think of giveaways on blogs?  Surprise or not?  Conditions applied?  Items supplied by sponsors /product endorsements?

I am in the process of creating a pattern and instructions to make this bag yourself so if you would like a copy please let me know in the comments and I will work out how best to share this information.  Granny, I have not forgotten you – just a bit busy these past couple of weeks.


And The Winner Is…………


Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow my blog and comment on the Fabulous 500 post in order to be in the running.  The draw has been done and I am pleased to announce that the winner is SarahN.

Although the actual comment had no bearing on the outcome, I would like to post Sarah’s comment (in part) here.

“500 posts – that’s inspirational! I’m curious about this mystery give away business – only cause I’m committed to being uncluttered – so I’m always assessing things to see if they suit my life etc.”

That is so ironic because it is the very reason that I am wary about lots of giveaways!  However, I am sure that the gift will fit with Sarah’s goals (and mine) of an uncluttered home.

Sarah, could you please contact me with a postal address so that I can arrange delivery?

When Sarah has received her gift I will reveal it here on the blog as well.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for participating and I look forward to your thoughtful and engaging comments as I head towards the next 500 posts.


Fabulous 500


When I published my post yesterday I was surprised to see on the sidebar that it was my 500th post.

500 times I have written something important to me, hit ‘publish’ and you, dear reader, have to taken the time to not only read it but often ‘like’ the post or add your comments.

It is a good time to reflect on what I have written and trawl through the archives.  Here are 5 posts that seem to have touched a chord for whatever reason.

Decluttering Meets Damask

Do You Really Need That?

Project 333 – Ready, Set, Go…

Friday Favourites – Mango & Avocado Salad

A Storage Solution

To celebrate the milestone of 500 posts I would like to offer a giveaway to a lucky reader.  It will be a surprise but if you would like to enter you will need to be a follower of this blog and leave a comment on this post.

To follow just click on the ‘Sign Me Up’ button on the right-hand side of the blog.  Entries are open to both Australian and international readers.

Entries will close at midnight Friday 22nd February (Brisbane time).  Once the winner has been drawn you will be contacted via email and/or a blog post to arrange delivery of your prize.

Good Luck!!