An Anniversary


Today is a milestone in the life of this blog.  It is exactly four years since I tapped out those first tentative words and then hit ‘Publish’.

2015-03-12 01It is a rather daunting prospect to write and not know who will read or what their reaction will be.  I have to say that the experience of the last four years of blogging has been overwhelmingly positive and that is entirely due to my readers.  Thank you from the depths of my heart.

I have been lucky enough to meet some of you from the USA and UK as well as the other side of Australia.  To develop a connection with fellow bloggers is really special and I have formed some enduring friendships.

Recently, I have been working to re-instate the photos which I inadvertently deleted from the first two years of the blog.  It has been interesting to re-read some of my posts and to see how things have changed.  A real lesson in the dynamism of life.

When I began I was not really sure how long I would or could continue blogging but it is now such a part of my life that I would feel quite lost without it.

Thank you once again for your continued support and comments.

Catching Up on Comments


I have been somewhat tardy in responding to your thoughtful comments over the past 3 weeks.  I have just gone back and replied or acknowledged all of them.

I read each and every one of your comments and am touched by the thought you put into them.  They really add an extra dimension to the blog and I would like to sincerely thank you.

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind trip to Sydney with my Belle, Miss O and Izz but more about that another day.

It has been hot here today and tomorrow is expected to be in excess of 40C so our focus while be on keeping cool.  I will be looking for some little jobs that I can do while staying as cool as possible.  Some of you are struggling to keep warm at the moment so my thoughts are with everyone who is doing their best to continue to function despite extremes of heat and cold.

2014 – A Clean Slate


Well, that is another year done and dusted.

I am pleased to be able to rule a line under 2013 with all of its ups and downs.  Unfortunately, there were quite a few downs last year and I am hoping that this year will be brighter.

Thank you to all of my readers for your loyalty during the past year. I am grateful to you for your comments which really adds an extra dimension to the blog.  I am considering the structure and focus of the blog for this year and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions.  Some of my thoughts include doing a series on a particular topic for a week or having a regular focus on a particular day of the week such as Project 333 on Monday, recipe on Tuesday etc.  I could simply continue with my totally random posts which are based on whatever pops into my head.  The other conundrum I am facing is whether to continue to post almost every day or perhaps only weekdays or perhaps 2 or 3 days per week.  Please let me know what you would prefer.

Happy New Year
Wishing you health and happiness for 2014.

Thank You

Leave a comment

There will be a new blog post a bit later but for the moment I just wanted say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on the last few posts, especially, “Where Are We Headed”.

I have been a bit slow to respond but have now replied to you all.

A warm welcome to new readers those commenting for the first time.  I hope you will continue to participate as I think it is the comments that really make the blogs worth reading.

2011-09-29 02

And The Winner Is…………


Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow my blog and comment on the Fabulous 500 post in order to be in the running.  The draw has been done and I am pleased to announce that the winner is SarahN.

Although the actual comment had no bearing on the outcome, I would like to post Sarah’s comment (in part) here.

“500 posts – that’s inspirational! I’m curious about this mystery give away business – only cause I’m committed to being uncluttered – so I’m always assessing things to see if they suit my life etc.”

That is so ironic because it is the very reason that I am wary about lots of giveaways!  However, I am sure that the gift will fit with Sarah’s goals (and mine) of an uncluttered home.

Sarah, could you please contact me with a postal address so that I can arrange delivery?

When Sarah has received her gift I will reveal it here on the blog as well.

Once again, I would like to thank you all for participating and I look forward to your thoughtful and engaging comments as I head towards the next 500 posts.


Revamped for the New Year


I started this blog in March 2011 after a couple of false starts over the previous couple of years.  This time I have generally been successful in maintaining regular posts – mostly daily, however, my efforts at responding to your comments have been less than stellar.  I will try to improve in that department this year but please be assured that I read each and every comment and I really do appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think.

I have finally updated the blogroll on the right-hand side so please take the time to check out some of the other wonderful blogs which inspire me.  This list is not yet complete and I will also endeavour to make sure that the blogs listed here are all active.  When I get time I will also update the ‘Blogs of Interest’ to include all of the blogroll.  ‘Blogs of Interest’ may also include some inactive blogs.

I would love to hear of any blogs that you may have found of particular interest.  Please leave a comment or email me directly (see ‘About Me’ for the email address).

To my dear readers, thank you all so very very for your interest and comments over the past year and I look forward to continuing the journey.  May 2013 bring you health and happiness.


Comments & Countdown


A big thank you to all of you who take the time to comment on my random thoughts which masquerade as blog posts.

I have been very tardy about responding but have gone back over the past 4 weeks since I last responded and replied to all of your comments.

Although I will make a concerted effort to reply each day I will check and catch up on the comments each Sunday from now on.

It is now 9 weeks until we head off on our big adventure to the USA.  All of the accommodation and transport are booked so now we are concentrating on researching what we plan to do and see in each place we visit.

One of the things I had read about in New York was the new(ish) High Line Park which is built along an old elevated railway line above Manhattan.  There is an access point to it quite close to where we will be staying.  You can read all about it in this post I stumbled upon.

Any tidbits or suggestions will be gratefully received.  Our itinerary includes Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  We will be self-catering for much of the trip and I am keen to maintain the same criteria as I do at home.  That means local, seasonal, organic and minimally packaged food so if you have any thoughts in this regard I would really appreciate them.

Thank You & Snippets

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I cannot reply to all of your individual comments but please be assured I read them all and am touched by your support and kind wishes.  Thank you for taking the time to comment and I am looking forward to a fabulous second year of blogging at Organised Castle.

Things are pretty quiet here on the home front as I have been busy working.  However, by having the house reasonably decluttered and keeping things simple it is ticking along well.  We had a simple but delicious meal tonight – grilled salmon with lime and sea salt on potato mash with peas, carrots and broccoli.

We have also started some preliminary holiday planning for later in the year but more on that another day.

The decluttering continues – every day I usually manage to move at least one thing into the op shop bag.  I have 2 bags full to drop off tomorrow when I go into town to pick up some supplies.

Til next time.