My New Toy


I had another post half written but I just have to show you my latest acquisition.

It is a cast iron Dutch oven that I bought from Aldi for $20.  Today we parked at Beerwah to catch the train so we could go to Aldi on the way home to buy some cat food, milk and ice-cream. Of course, while we were there The Duke had to have a browse at the items in the middle section (not food) and saw these.  Normally, I would have said that we did not really need one, but 2 days ago I had read this post at Down to Earth about making artisan bread in a Dutch oven.  So, we are now the proud owners of this.

2012-07-13 01Here it is with the lid off.

2012-07-13 03It is a 4 litre capacity so I am sure it will be used for reasons other than making bread.

2012-07-13 02This was an unplanned, spur of the moment purchase but I do not think I will regret it.

A Plastic-Wrapped Impulse Buy


If it was a perfect world I would not have bought these.

But we all slip up from time to time.

2012-05-18 01These are 2 rolls of birthday wrapping paper that I bought this evening from Aldi when we called in to buy some milk.  I had not even thought about buying wrapping paper until I saw it.

Now for the debate:

The Good

  • Multi-purpose – suitable for child or adult birthdays
  • Bargain – 1m x 5m roll for $1.99
  • I had virtually no new birthday wrapping paper and have not bought any for over 10 years

The Bad

  • Wrapped in non-recyclable plastic wrap – contributing to waste
  • Made in China – transport costs, probable exploitation of workers
  • Impulse buy – do I really need it or could I have continued being innovative in my gift giving

It seems ridiculous to be buying gift wrap when I am currently working on making a series of re-useable bags from Christmas fabric for Christmas gift-giving.  However, even if I find I do not need it all I am sure my granddaughters will be able to use it when going to friends’ birthday parties.  You need to strike a balance between environmental and economic concerns on one hand  and ensuring that children are able to engage with their peers on an equal footing without being made to feel odd or extreme.

Would you have bought this paper?  What impulse buys have you made?  I have heard of people who go out to buy the Sunday paper and end up buying a new car.  Now that is a bit ridiculous in my opinion!