Busy with Bags

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This afternoon I re-acquainted myself with my sewing machine.  I have several projects that I want to get done but I decided to start with something manageable that I could finish in an afternoon.

First, I mended this reuseable silk bag which I was given about 10 years ago.  It is used frequently and some of the stitching at the top of the side seams had come undone.

Ecosilk bag

Next, I retrieved a piece of material I bought some years ago for the purpose of making another bag using this one as a pattern.  Sometimes my grand plans turn out to be more complex than I imagine but it was not the case this time.

New bag

I successfully replicated the original, complete with side gussets and double stitched seams on the handles and bottom edge of the bag.

The best part about these bags is that they are lightweight and fold down to almost nothing.  I was spurred into action as I wanted to have 2 lightweight bags to take when we travel overseas.  They can be used for grocery shopping, carrying personal effects to a shared bathroom or keeping worn clothes separate from clean ones when packing.  They can be easily washed and will dry in a matter of hours.  The total weight of the 2 bags is 79g.

Folded bag
Finally,  I made a lining for a hessian carry bag that I bought when we were in the USA in 2012.  The bag originally had a plastic coating on the inside but it was starting to crack and deteriorate as you can see here.

Inside of hessian bag
I removed all of the plastic coating and then washed the bag as it was quite grubby from use every week.  I measured the dimensions of the bag and then cut out and made a lining from some navy poly cotton fabric.  It matches nicely with the print on the outside of the bag.

Stitching new lining
Here is the new lining assembled and pinned in place.  Tonight I will sit and handstitch the lining to the top edge of the bag.  I will add a photo of it when I am finished.

It has been a successful afternoon of some small sewing tasks.  Do you make or repair items that you use?  Do you use reuseable shopping bags?