Bulk Buying


Buying in bulk does not need to be restricted to food items.  We recently bought a ute-load of mushroom compost which was delivered right by the gate near the vegetable garden.  There are several local mushroom farms not far from where we live so we usually take the ute and pick up several ‘trays’ of compost.  The trays are rectangular plastic bags in which the mushrooms are grown.

2013-05-29 01Buying in bulk worked for us this time as we needed a large quantity while we are establishing several raised garden beds at once.  There were no plastic bags to dispose of in the rubbish.  Even accounting for the delivery, I think it worked out more expensive than our normal source.  However, the convenience needed to be considered this time.

On balance, I do not think we will want or need to buy this amount again.  We will go back to buying 6 – 10 trays whenever we want to replenish the beds.

What do you buy in bulk?  Have you reviewed whether it is the best option?