Keeping It Dry

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Like much of the east coast of Australia the weather has been quite wet here for a couple of days.  While the rain is very welcome, it brings its own set of problems.  Our heads are in the clouds – literally, the humidity is off the scale and everything is damp to touch.

The condensation of the door of the refrigerator has now created a pool of water on the kitchen floor.

The prospect of going to bed and climbing into a bed where the sheets actually feel damp was not at all appealing. So, I have put the portable dehumidifier in our bedroom for a couple of hours before we go to bed.

2011-10-15 01

It is easy to move around and is really efficient.  If you issues with damp rooms or live in an area with high rainfall and humidity I would highly recommend a dehumidifier.  We bought this one from Moisturecure in Port Macquarie.  We had quite a bit of trouble sourcing one about 8 years ago, however, they are much more readily available now.

Do you have a dehumidifier?  Is it worthwhile?


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I have safely negotiated the very wet weather here and am home from work.

There are 4 days of no work stretching out in front of me and we have no particular plans.  We would like to spend time in the garden but the inclement weather may well put a dampener (so to speak) on that idea.  There are, however, plenty of other things that we can work on so I am sure we will not be bored.

I hope you have a relaxing break and don’t eat too much chocolate!

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