Filling The Freezer


I spent yesterday afternoon in the kitchen and here are some of the results.

A batch of pastry used to make 12 mini meat pies

and 3 meal-sized pies (pastry tops only)

Trifle – using leftover sponge from when I made a Dorothy the Dinosaur cake 6 months ago.

Zucchini and carrot quiche – to use up some of the eggs we have in abundance.

Banana cake – more eggs

Lemon Delicious – eggs and lemons

It makes good economic sense do do a batch of baking while the oven is turned on.

I also made refried beans in the slow-cooker, lasagne sheets (more eggs),  spreadable butter, chopped up chillies to dehydrate them and picked 2 kg of cherry tomatoes from the neighbour’s garden.  They are now frozen waiting for me to have time to make tomato sauce.

The freezers are full and we have plenty of food for the days when I don’t have the time or energy to cook a meal from scratch.  Do you do a big cook-up in one go?

10 thoughts on “Filling The Freezer

  1. How do you make your trifle? You gave me a good idea. I have 2 really large sponge flans in the freezer I got as xmas specials. I think they were 50cents each.
    Too hot and muggy to do much cooking here today but we did have some nice fresh fish from the fish market down town and I did potato wedges to go with it. Hubby helps with the cooking. I am teaching him all the basics and I make him do the hard jobs like peeling the stalks of the asparagus. LOL

    • It is great to share the cooking jobs isn’t it. We find that it also means that preparing an evening meal when we get home from work is even quicker. The Duke will grate cheese or chop vegies while I am doing another part of the preparation.

      My trifle does not really have a recipe as such – I just make it the way I remember it from when I was a child. However, I will put together a basic recipe and post it on ‘Friday Favourites’. The sponge flans sound like a great buy.

      • I would not dare let my husband grate the cheese for me. There would not be enough left for the recipe!

  2. Hello Yvonne, that is a great effort in the kitchen. I have done many big cook-ups in the past but not recently. I should, though, as it saves lots of time and money in the long run. My efforts are usually a pot of meat sauce for pasta, which I separate into meal-size containers; quiches, cut into slices; beef rissoles in packs of 3: 2 for hubby and 1 for me; and a lot of muffins, savoury and sweet, banana cake sliced up and sometimes muesli bars. All this would be frozen and I love being able to grab something when I am too tired or haven’t the time to cook. I recently made picalilli, caramelised onion chutney plus plum jam. I Love home made everything.

      • Hi Yvonne. I used the BBC Goodfoods recipe here:

        You can use cider or malt vinegar if you don’t have red wine, but the taste will be slightly different. It is best left to stand a month but try telling that to Tom! Delicious with cheeses and cold meat.

        Oh, and where it says “to cooler onions” it means to colour. Typo.

  3. Great job Yvonne. I’m not in your league at the moment..maybe never, but I do have a fair bit organised for this week and tonight’s dinner wasn’t planned until I walked in the door at 1/4 to 7 but because I had precooked some chicken I was able to pulll some bits and pieces out of the fridge and pantry and have a Mexican chicken pasta bake done within the hour. A nice feeling.

    • So many yummy ideas – a Mexican chicken bake sounds delicious – would you like to share how you make it? Perhaps I could mix in some of my refried beans?

  4. I made Chicken and Leak pies on Sunday, made 12 small ones and that lasted the 4 of us for 2 meals. I buy organic Chicken thighs from Coles, roast them, leave them to cool then shred them.
    While they are cooling I cut my leak in half then into slices and cook in some butter. Then add 1 tsp of grainy mustard, and 1/4 cup flour and mix all through the cooked leaks. Pour in one cup of stock (I cheated and bought some chicken stock liquid from Aldi’s). Add 1/4 cup cream and then simmer the mixture until it thickens. Remove from heat and add in the shredded chicken.
    Put the mixture into the fridge to cool down before making into the pies.
    My boys (8 & 11) love these pies, so does DH and myself. Serve with wedges or veges.

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