Decluttering Meets Damask


I have decluttered my linen cupboard several times over recent years but there were a couple of damask tablecloths which defied decision each time.

We now have a small round table which extends to an oval but both of the cloths are rectangular and one is quite large.  About a week ago I had a blinding flash of inspiration.  I am unlikely to ever have a large rectangular dining table again so I decided to cut the cloths to fit my existing table and enjoy using them rather than storing them for some vague reason.

This is the larger cloth on my oval table.  My mother gave this to me and I am fairly sure it belonged to my great-grandmother.  What would she think if she knew I was taking to it with a pair of scissors?  Probably happy that it was going to be used rather than stashed in the back of my linen cupboard.

I made a pattern of the tabletop, worked out how much drop I wanted and set about cutting out my ‘new’ tablecloth.

Here it is hemmed, pressed and ready for use.

Then I started on the other cloth which I planned to make to fit the table when it is not extended and is just a small, round table.

This cloth was much smaller and when I cut the biggest circle that I was able, it was still a bit short on the overhang.  So, I decided to increase the diameter by stitching some extra fabric on.  I cut 12cm wide bias strips from the leftover fabric which you can see below.

I then sewed them into a continuous strip and edged the cloth with it.  You can clearly see the join but I am not particularly worried as I now have a usable cloth for my round table that I did not have before.

I have now been inspired to re-look at my collection of tablecloths and see which ones I really should be keeping and how I can re-fashion them so that they are able to be used with my current table, either as a round or oval.

What have you given a new lease of life to?

12 thoughts on “Decluttering Meets Damask

  1. Fairy, the cloths look great and how wonderful that you are able to make use of your great grandmother’s table cloths.

  2. I have several large damask table napkins…white. We have a round family room table which I have cloths for but got tired of always washing them so I put the table napkins on table with points hanging down in front of each place and now all I have to do is wash the soiled napkin. the cloth stays clean for ages. I am sure that round tablecloths get soiled more easily than rectangular. Just a funny idea I have.

  3. Good idea altering the tablecloths. They certainly keep everything clean and save the furniture from scratches. A little washing and ironing is a small price to pay for the massive benefits. Re the seam lines, I agree with Barb about a little decoration at the seam. Use a colour that matches your china or furniture and do a few lines of running stitch. Ta da! Designer house linens! Frugal and artistic.

  4. I’m joyous with your changes, they really do seem sensible (though I sort of thought, well, dippy corners on a table cloth, isn’t that normal, so I’m glad I saw your after and thought, yes, that’s more right!) Good on you for making what you have work even better – I bet you’re pretty pleased too!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Julia. I have turned my photo files inside out but cannot find these. I will have to take some new ones and I will let you know when they are added.

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