Back on Track


It is now 4 days since we arrived back in Australia from our trip to the United States and I feel as though I am back into my routine.

I went back to work on Monday but yesterday was my day off so I caught up on the washing, packed the suitcases away and re-made the guest bed.

While I was emptying the cane waste paper basket in the guest room I noticed that the top edge was broken.  It is not really noticeable  because there is a plastic bag liner but I decided it would be better if I repaired it.

The cane binding had broken and the overlapping ends were sticking out.

2012-09-20 01I used some white kitchen string and a large curved needle which had been in some sewing notions that were handed down to me some time ago.  I had never used the needle before but it was prefect for this job.

2012-09-20 02I tied the string in place at one end to anchor it and then held the ends in place while I wound the string around the damaged section and tied it at the other end.

It is not superbly pretty but the repair returns the baskets to its original shape and makes it easy to fit and replace the plastic bag liner.

2012-09-20 03Do you take the time to make simple household repairs?  Do you keep a ball of string or do you see it as useless?

3 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. Hi Fairy, welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic holiday.

    Re your post, yes, I try and make simple household repairs but my skills are limited! I do keep a ball of string in the stationery cupboard. Rarely use it, but it just seems so practical…

  2. I like how you repaired your basket. I am always repairing things. If something is broken, or in some way damaged it stays with me. I know it’s there even if no one else does and have to fix it. It’s like the dishes, if they are dirty when you go to bed you sleep badly with the knowledge you will get up to them.

  3. I enjoyed the vacation photos you shared, and like the new look of your blog.
    We do make simple repairs on stuff here because we hate to waste stuff, and if there’s any way to get a little extra “mileage” out of something, that’s great.

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