A Fresh Look


One of the benefits of holidays and being away from our home is that sometimes you can take a step back and review things from a distance.

A few months ago I considered buying a new doona cover for our bed since the one we have had for over 10 years definitely does not match the current colour scheme.  It has been like that for about 4 years but it had taken me that long to consider it.  One of the things that was holding me back was why get rid of the existing cover which is still in excellent condition.

While we were away I suddenly realised that the doona cover on our bed would look perfect on the bed in the guest room and then I could justify buying a new one for our bed.

2012-09-21 01Here is the revamped guest room.

On Wednesday we looked for a new cover which proved to be quite a challenge as it is obvious that the colours in our room (Wedgewood blue with cream trim) are  definitely not the latest trend.  Most of the bed linen was either neutrals in cream/grey/coffee palettes or bright geometric designs.  However, I eventually found something suitable.

2012-09-21 02I also bought another cover in a grape colour with a muted floral design.  I will use that during the winter months for a change.  This is the first time that I have ever had bed linen to change with the seasons.  Thanks to the sale prices, I was able to buy the 2 covers for the full price of just one of them.

I am very happy with the results of my rearrangement of the bed linen.  Now I have  the bedspread which was on the guest bed to put away in the linen cupboard while I consider its fate.

Most of our furnishings/colours are relatively classic and are chosen because they are what we like rather than what is this year’s “must have”.  This can make things difficult at times, especially when you are looking for a colour or design that is not ‘in’.

Do you follow the latest trends in interior design or are you happy with what you have?  Any tips for updating on a budget?

6 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

  1. I like your new cover. I keep thinking about something that will go with my new place, but well, I never go shopping and what I have is neutral enough to go with anything. I can’t even begin to guess when I got the blankets I currently use. I know I made the quilt which I just pulled out in 1998.

  2. Looks great. I change my covers and pillow cases with the season although here in Qld the summer one stays on a lot longer. We only bought new blankets in cream a few years ago and the old ones which were a lovely orange check bought in 1982 are now on the guest bed. I bought a simple grey coverlet for the spare bed so that it is fine for male or female guests. Like you I am trying to work out what to do with the old doona cover which is still in the linen closet.

  3. Love the blue doona cover, Fairy. Would you mind sharing where you got it? It’s just the colours I’ve been looking for. Like you, I’ve found that they obviously aren’t the “in” colours at the moment, but we love our blue bedroom.

    • It was at Pillowtalk. I will check and see if I can find the packaging and give you the colour and style description and you may be able to track one donwn.

      • Thanks so much, Fairy, I have a Pillowtalk about 20 mins away so will check it out. I showed the photo to DH for approval too and he gave it the thumbs up, which means I can shop with confidence!

  4. Hi Fairy, With clothes I tell myself to stock up when ‘my colours’ are in stock, cause it seems like some seasons things are all horrid! The style has to be right too though. With bedspreads/doona covers, I splashed out and bought a lovely navy one for my new place (9 months ago). It’s still my FAVOURITE (but the other two… not so much – though I did have the aqua, former summer one, for a few weeks, whilst the other was washing… and I was too lazy to change back). The other one I have, which is black and white (easier to suit other room’s colours) has got some paint on it, when acting as a drop sheet. My philosophy is to go with what I love – and try not to buy poor quality (B&W was from when I worked at Kmart, not nice quality). I try to think what might date, but I have always loved navy, and with one side striped and one side a sort of floral (hard to explain), I hope it’ll last a few years at the very least!

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