The Rhythm of Life


…….or just a Never-Ending Story?

The jobs that seem to fall together under that all-encompassing title of “Housework’.  Do you embrace them as a steady part of your routine and rejoice in the satisfaction of a job well done?  Or do you constantly rail against the monotony of having to do the same task over and over again?

During the past few weekends we have made substantial progress with what The Duke refers to as our bucket list. It is not a bucket list in the generally accepted sense but more like a ‘to do list’.  We have bought and planted the shrubs outside the boundary fence, prepared the fence posts (cut to length, cleaned and painted), created and planted the rockery and started on building more raised garden beds.

However, the last couple of days have been a bit different.  The combination of a very busy week at work and drizzling rain yesterday meant that I did very little outdoor work.  In fact, I could say I did nothing much until I actually list what I did do.

Prepared meals
Menu planned
Picked beans, tomatoes, corn and mangoes
Sorted contents of freezer
Prepared and stored mango (pureed, frozen, dehydrated)
Prepared and froze corn
Swept floors
Dusted sideboard and bookcase
Refilled pantry containers from storage buckets

There were probably a dozen other little tasks that have not even made it onto the list.

The Duke also washed several loads of dishes and emptied the compost numerous times while I was making a mess in the kitchen.

Most of these tasks will need to be repeated the next day, week or month but that does not bother me particularly.  I am constantly looking at ways to simplify my life and one of the reasons to reduce the amount of time and effort that is expended on routine tasks such as many of those that I have listed.  A good example is shopping.  This my shopping consisted of buying cheese and vinegar at Aldi (the vinegar was for the chutney), a small quantity of fruit and vegetables at the local fruit stall and The Duke bought some bacon at the butcher when he went in to town on another errand.  The flow on effect was that putting everything away took about 2 minutes so that is a huge saving as well.

So, what do you think of repetitive homemaking tasks?


10 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Life

  1. They are repetitive, but being organized is what helps us cope with busy lives or times when we aren’t quite up to snuff. I’ve been dealing with another MS relapse lately, but having everything organized and keeping it that way really makes life much more easy for all of us. And it makes it easier on the rest of the family when the tasks fall more on them.

  2. It used to annoy me as you are never finished now I just get on with it. Like now, I am at the computer while the washing is going. I am having some down time but when the machine is done I will go and hang it out. Things get done without thinking as I like a clean tidy house.

  3. I do get annoyed at how dusty the bath gets! It never seems to ‘stay’ clean for long! I also get sick of having stuff on the benches, they seem to endlessly need wiping down too. But washing, I don’t mind one bit. And meal prep, I’m sorta in the groove with that now (but it used to annoy me!)

  4. When I was younger with a large family to care for I resented housework and cooking, particularly. One day I realised that nothing was going to change so I changed my attitude, got organised, started becoming minimal and now I actually enjoy cooking and many other aspects of housework. Being minimal makes a HUGE difference! I love your blog, although I have never commented before.

    • Hello JR

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I am glad you enjoy the blog. I agree with you about the positive impact of a more minimal life. It really does free up time and space to allow you to enjoy the tasks that are often seen as drudgery. Well done. 🙂

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