Balancing The Ledger

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I have now completed 4 days of no spending for ‘Stoptober’. It has not really been particularly difficult because I often do not spend money during the working week.  I do not drink coffee or buy magazines  so these are not challenges that I have to give up.

Today I will be spending money but it is all planned.  I need to get my hair cut ($35) and buy fruit and vegetables for the coming week (about $15) as well as renewing my annual Simple Savings subscription ($21).

The upside is that this week I have taken steps to make some money as well.  I sold 1.5 dozen eggs ($6) and have arranged to sell 2 dresses ($20) and a pile of books ($30).  While this does not equal the expenditure, every bit helps.

The other good news (for our mortgage) is that following the announcement by the Reserve Bank of a 0.25% cut in the official interest rate, our mortgage provider will be lowering the variable home loan rate by the same amount.  I am not sure when this is effective from but it is another opportunity to reduce our debt a little faster.

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