Nothing At All


That’s right.  Today’s post is all about nothing.

I went to work.

I wore clothes that I owned yesterday.

I travelled by train and my ticket is prepaid.

I took my breakfast and lunch from home.

I drank water (free from the tap).

I spent nothing.

I acquired nothing.

The day was plastic-free.


Dinner was omelette, avocado and cherry tomatoes – all plastic-free and zero food miles.

Tomorrow will be a little different.  I will be buying my lunch, as a group of us are going out to lunch to celebrate the life of our colleague’s mother who passed away recently.  It is our way of supporting a friend.

However, most of my work days are like today.  What about you?

Balancing The Ledger

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I have now completed 4 days of no spending for ‘Stoptober’. It has not really been particularly difficult because I often do not spend money during the working week.  I do not drink coffee or buy magazines  so these are not challenges that I have to give up.

Today I will be spending money but it is all planned.  I need to get my hair cut ($35) and buy fruit and vegetables for the coming week (about $15) as well as renewing my annual Simple Savings subscription ($21).

The upside is that this week I have taken steps to make some money as well.  I sold 1.5 dozen eggs ($6) and have arranged to sell 2 dresses ($20) and a pile of books ($30).  While this does not equal the expenditure, every bit helps.

The other good news (for our mortgage) is that following the announcement by the Reserve Bank of a 0.25% cut in the official interest rate, our mortgage provider will be lowering the variable home loan rate by the same amount.  I am not sure when this is effective from but it is another opportunity to reduce our debt a little faster.

Stoptober – Days 1 & 2

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Well, I am off to a flying start.

Day 1 – Monday was a public holiday here and despite the fact that we are into the second month of spring it was cold and wet.  The clouds were right down over the mountains and it was definitely a day for staying at home.  I washed (dried in front of the fire), ironed, planned our meals for the rest of the week and caught up on some routine housework.  $0 spent.

Day 2 – Tuesday was back to work.  As usual we packed our lunches to take with us.  I also pack my breakfast and eat that when I get to work since we leave home quite early.  I went into the city at lunchtime to run some errands but did not go shopping – I did not need anything.  $0 spent.

I expect that the next 3 days will be more of the same.

Our train fares are budgeted for and are automatically debited to our card.

I have identified a couple of expenses that I will have this month.  One is $21 for the annual renewal of my Simple Savings membership.  I regard this as good value for money and will continue to renew my membership in the foreseeable future.  The other thing is that it is almost 7 weeks since I had my hair cut so I will probably get it cut again at the end of next week.  I have very straight hair which I keep cut short.  A haircut costs me $35 and it is the only money I spend on my hair.

How are you going with stopping your spending?