Suit Yourself

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When we were in Melbourne last month, The Duke bought a new suit.  Before we left the store it was packed onto hangers and placed in a suit bag.

These bags are fairly lightweight plastic and we now have at least 3 of them at home.  They are convenient if you are taking a suit when flying interstate but I would never store clothes in them as the plastic does not allow any air to circulate and the clothes would be mouldy in no time.

2013-03-04 01We are going on holidays next week and will be travelling by car for a couple of weeks.  The suit will be packed as we have a wedding to attend in the latter part of the trip so I decided I wanted something better than a plastic bag.

First, I removed the zipper to re-use in the new bag.  Then I used the existing bag as a pattern.  I made the new bag somewhat longer so that is able to hold a dress as well.  Thanks to the generosity of a friend I have several metres of poly cotton fabric, some of which was perfect for my project.

Here is the suit in the finished bag.

2013-03-04 02All zipped up and ready to go.

2013-03-04 03We now have a breathable carry bag/dust cover for special occasion clothes and another piece of plastic has been eliminated from our home.

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