Deep Clean & Dressed For Winter


Today I had a deep clean in our bedroom.  I took the mattress and base off the bed so that I could vacuum properly underneath it.  I turned the mattress when I replaced it.

2013-04-18 01I cleaned the windowsills, cornices and skirting boards.

The valance on the base was washed.

2013-04-18 02The valance was replaced and the bed remade with fresh linen.  I have swapped the light coloured doona cover that we use during the summer months for this one.

2013-04-18It changes the look of the room.  Although it is the same fabric, the darker colour  feels right for the cooler weather.  I have not yet put the feather doona on the bed – we have a cotton blanket and lightweight polyfill doona at the moment.

The weather is still quite warm at the moment but we will make gradual changes as needed.

5 thoughts on “Deep Clean & Dressed For Winter

  1. I was interested to note you don’t have bedside tables fairy – where do you put books, a glass of water or tissues? If you can manage without, you are a step ahead in the uncluttering from me!

    • Sarah

      On the left hand side of the bed there is a tiny half circle table with a clock radio on it. This is The Duke’s side and no, I did not have a side table. This was mainly because there is not enough space without obstructing access to the wardrobe.

      However, this has changed since I took the photo. The small half circle table is on my side with 1 item on it – my Kindle. We have ‘borrowed’ one of the side tables from the guest room for the other side until we find something suitable.

      As for other things to go on the table – I go to the kitchen if I need a drink during the night and we never have tissues in the house. I put a handkerchief under my pillow if I feel that I may need one.

      • Thanks for the considered reply. I have just made a lifetime’s worth of hankies, so hope to go without tissues soon. Hope you find the right solution soon!

  2. I set a particular time for major cleaning but I do tend to do it in either spring and/or autumn as it is definitely too hot in summer and even though our winters are not really cold I do not feel like opening everything up to clean.

    I agree about the darker colours making a room feel warmer.

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