What is teamwork?  Is it working together on the same project?  Doing different parts of the same task?  Performing separate but complimentary jobs?

Or is it all of the above?

Is there a clear division of labour  in your home?

I often hear people despairing because one or other partner does or does not do a particular chore to the ‘required’ standard.  Sometimes it is that they simply do not do a particular activity at all.

Although The Duke and I are both capable of doing pretty well any jobs, there are a couple of exceptions.  I have never mowed the lawn and am not about to start.  The Duke can iron but he does not offer to do the ironing.  I dislike loading the dishwasher and don’t usually make bread in the breadmaker.

Washing and drying dishes, preparing meals, shopping and gardening are probably the best examples of when we actually work side by side to achieve an outcome.

What about making plans, setting goals and handling finances?  Are these joint decisions or does one partner tend to take responsibility?

I have posed numerous questions here and would love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. For us, the shared chores are bedmaking, shopping, sometimes vacuuming and other cleaning. I do 90% of the cooking and washing up, all the washing and ironing and most of the cleaning. Hubby does all the gardening and outside cleaning and always cleans the shower and oven, the two cjores I detest most after gardening! Finances, planning and goals are almost exclusively my department, too. As I gave up paid employment at age 51, stay home and am the part-time carer for grandchildren, hubby is the sole breadwinner.

    • It sounds as though you have things well-sorted and make a good team. It is great when a partner does the couple of jobs that you detest.

  2. Teamwork is the latest word from my grandchildren. Whether they are playing or helping with chores they like to help each other and will call out “we’re doing teamwork”.

    Years ago I found the perfect way to divide up chores, and that was by our individual interests. When I was without a washer my ex remarked he needed clean clothes, I remarked that I knew and would get to it. He stopped, noticing a look on my face and asked me what was up. I told him I hated going to Laundromats, he interrupted and offered to go as he lived them but hated the folding and putting away of them. I didn’t mind that chore, it was the waiting I hated. Soon he had me going with him as “our” time. He would load the machines then come outside where we would have some of our best conversations. He even began putting the clothes away as I folded them.

    I continued thus with the children, they were more likely to do chores without procrastination if they liked the job. The outcome was things got done in a timely manner without my having to ride them about the chores.

  3. I love your grandchildren’s take on teamwork. It is great that they understand and can articulate the concept while they are young.

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