More Fun


The fun continued yesterday when we made the cupcakes.  Once they were cool, I iced them and Miss O dipped them in sprinkles.  Here is the result.

2013-05-25 01

There was a purpose to our baking as my sister was coming for afternoon tea.  Miss O set the table and we prepared quite a feast.

2013-05-25 02We all had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Today it was back to the garden.  We moved enough composted mulch and soil from near the driveway to 2/3 fill one of the newly-created raised garden beds.  Then we cut up the sprouting seed potatoes which I had bought from the Co-op last week.  I ended up with about 60 pieces which are all planted.  Next, we harvested the last of the cabbages and a few bits of broccoli before clearing out another bed.  All of the old cabbage and broccoli plants went to the chickens who will enjoy them.

2013-05-25 03Meanwhile, the chickens were having a fine time ‘rotary hoeing’ the freshly cleared garden bed.  Miss O was very unsure of the chickens a couple of days ago but all of her reticence was gone today as she delighted in running around the bed trying to get close enough to ‘pat’ them.  It was great to hear the whoops of joy as she managed to touch their tails.

2013-05-25 04Thanks to the efforts of an exuberant 5 year old with a rake plus the chickens my garden bed is now ready for replanting.

6 thoughts on “More Fun

    • The raised beds do make things a bit easier. They are good because the land has quite a bit of slope, too. The cakes were very yummy – I used the recipe from my Year 8 Home Economics cookbook. The 2nd batch were even gluten-free – I just made a straight substitution of gluten-free flour.

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