What a Weekend!


Our weekends are usually full of activity at home because we are at work all week.  This one was no exception and I have to admit that it is great to get to Sunday evening and feel a real sense of achievement.

Of course there are all of the basics to be done so I had 2 loads of washing done and hung out on Friday evening.  The weather has been fine and dry for the past few days so the washing almost dried overnight.  This meant that I could do the ironing on Saturday morning.

Our first job was to split and stack some more firewood.


We will probably not use the fire much more this winter so there is now plenty of wood split and ready for next year.

Pile reduced

There was a huge pile of logs that needed splitting and they are almost all gone now.  Just lots of smaller pieces to be sorted and stacked into boxes.  It was great to get this done as we will be keeping the woodshed but dismantling the adjacent chicken house before long.  That is because we a building a new run for the chickens.

The new chicken run has been a considerable time in the planning and preparation but now you can actually see some progress.  We have dug the holes and set the 4 corner posts in concrete.  There are another 4 intermediate ones done, too.

Posts for the chicken run

There are still 6 more holes and posts to do so we are hoping that the fine weather continues so that we can do them next weekend.

The garden is looking really good at the moment as you can see.

Lemon tree

The lemon tree is groaning with the crop.

Vegie garden

Vegetables are growing well.  We need to have bok choy with a few meals this week before it completely overwhelms everything else.

AzaleaThe azalea is looking particularly pretty.

In between the outdoor work, I managed to do the shopping at the local Co-op, fruit and vegetable stall and Aldi as well as host some guests through AirBnB last night.

Here is a final shot looking down from the verandah of the area which will be the chicken run.  There will need to be some re-arranging of some of the plants that fall within the area, although I think the mango tree will probably stay.  This was taken late in the afternoon but you can see the peach tree on the left of the photo which is already starting to blossom.  In another couple of weeks it will be in full flower.


All in all, it has been a fun and productive weekend.  How was yours?

9 thoughts on “What a Weekend!

  1. We have decided not to cut anymore wood as the nights are starting to get a little warmer, and the days are gloriously warm. So we hope we have enough wood to get us through with only a few cold nights left until we hit Spring. Your garden is looking lovely for this time of year. Look at all those lovely lemons!

    Me? Hubby was away so I had a lazy weekend. Back to it tomorrow though, washing to do and housework to catch up on. And as it will be 24C I just might spend some time in the garden organising beds for Spring plantings 🙂

  2. You have had a productive weekend, makes such a difference with outside work when the weather is fine. It’s been beautiful down here in Brisbane. I spent the weekend preparing the food for my son’s birthday lunch on Sunday when the family came round to celebrate. Lovely to have them all sitting around the table. After everyone left I had an hour to spend before dark so I set off for the allotment to water my little seedlings. It was lovely over there as the sun was setting. Have a good week Fairy.

  3. We drove up to Warwick to pick up some more firewood as well. The nights are still quite chilly here. While we where on the Downs, we had a look at some properties for sale up there. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and driving up Cunningham’s Gap we could even see the Brisbane city skyline.

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