The Production Line


Having a productive garden entails more work than just planting, watering and harvesting the crops.

The next step is to make sure that the produce is used wisely.  It is difficult not to have some wastage, especially when there is a glut.

At the moment we have an over-abundance of lemons and grapefruit and are doing the best we can to deal with them.


On Saturday evening, The Duke and I juiced and froze about 3 litres of lemon juice and a litre of grapefruit juice.  Most of the lemon juice is in 1 litre quantities so that I can thaw it and make cordial when required.  However, I did put some into ice-cube trays for those moments when I just need a tablespoon or so of juice.  We have 2 lemon trees and it is only a rare time when there are no fresh lemons available but it is best to be safe and have some on hand.

Juice to freezeYou can also see more beans and carrots that we picked on Saturday.

What are you harvesting at the moment?

7 thoughts on “The Production Line

  1. Oh, I’m so disappointed I didn’t get broad beans in this year, just didn’t happen! Do you have a good recipe for lemon cordial? I will check your block once I’ve posted this as you may have already uploaded it. Love lemon juice in the ice-tray trick. Great in soda or mineral water (or even a G&T) on a hot day. Just finished harvesting broccoli and asparagus is starting to come in so looking forward to that.

    • Did the find the lemon cordial recipe? The link is under the ‘Recipe’ tab at the top of the page. I am looking forward to growing asparagus but need to wait until the fence is built.

  2. How nice to have citrus trees. I would love to have a year long supply of lemons, sigh. Not much is coming out of the garden right now as it’s too cold for most things. We picked some of the watermelon and today got a few small ears of corn, pumpkins are starting to ripen and a few more squash should be ready to pick in a few days.

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