Project 333 – Holiday Shopping


We have been on holidays for a week so I have actually had time to browse in a couple of shops.  I found a couple of tops that will add a bit of interest to my wardrobe for the upcoming summer.

I bought this one  at Penola in the south-east of South Australia.  It is a lightweight cotton and will be perfect for our hot summer.  It is a small black and white check with a touch of red stitching on the collar and the frilled front.  I will be able to wear it with both shorts and 3/4 pants in black and white.  A plain red skirt is on my wishlist which would match perfectly.

Today I bought another top – this time I was at Victor Harbor.  The colour is badly distorted – it is actually mauve, not blue.  Once again, I will be able to wear it with both the black and white 3/4 pants and shorts.

When I get home, I will take a closer look at my existing tops with a view to moving some along.

Do you refresh your wardrobe on a seasonal basis?

3 thoughts on “Project 333 – Holiday Shopping

  1. I am with you. My (fairly new) resolve is , “something added to my wardrobe something passed on” either to goodwill or a friend. It does seem to be working and colour coordination makes looking good much easier.

  2. Hi I don’t know if I have comment before but just wanted to say love your blog I only buy things when things get to old or unpleasant to wear (you know a bit tight ha ha )


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