An Abundance


When you grow your own fruit and vegetables there are invariably times when the amount is quite overwhelming.  Some things are difficult to preserve and others have a very short shelf life.  Figs definitely fall into the latter category, so when I picked a large bowl full yesterday there was no doubt that I had to do something with them straight away.

I pulled the dehydrator out of the bottom of the pantry and set to work.


I set the dehydrator up on the laundry bench and 24 hours later we have semi-dried figs with nothing added.

Dried figs

I keep them in the refrigerator as they are not completely dried.  They will not be eaten just yet as we still have plenty of the crop yet to be picked.  There may well be enough to dry another batch in a week or two.

4 thoughts on “An Abundance

  1. Oh you lucky thing! I just love figs, can’t get enough of them if fresh, juicy and flavoursome. Can’t wait till my new tree throws its bounty my way
    . The tree at our last house had loads of fruit but they were like dried golf balls, I bought a cutting from the farmers market at Castlemaine last year and I hope it offers better rewards. Enjoy!

    • Fingers crossed for your figs. They usually take a couple of years before bearing fruit so wait a bit longer. Mind you, I am jealous of some of the things you can grow in your climate, too.

  2. With us this year it has been an abundance of zucchini. I made zucchini & parmesean soup today for lunch to use some up (even though it is not really a soup time of year). Shame we are not closer I would love to swap some zucchinis for figs… yum!

    • Sue, I would love to be able to swap figs for zucchini. 🙂 I didn’t even try to grow them this year as the past couple of years have been an abysmal failure – too much rain at the wrong time I think.

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