Cable Chaos – An Update

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Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post with their many suggestions.  As you can probably guess from the brevity of the post, I wrote it in a hurry and did not go into a great deal of detail.

I have already tried some of your suggestions and while they are reasonably successful, I am looking for a more permanent, long-term solution.

Elastic bands perish over time.
The twist ties are pretty good but things tend to get caught up when they are all in the one box.
Blending with the decor is not a huge issue as the box or other container is stored on top of the filing cabinet in the cupboard.
I made labels from sticky labels but the paper wore out and they fell off.

Shelstar sent me a link from Pinterest which showed this re-purposed bread box.  It is clever but not quite what I am looking for.

Phone chargers
However, in the same link there was one solution that did catch my eye.

Cable organiser
It is only cardboard but I really like the principle of this and I immediately thought of some pieces of plywood that we have and how I could make a similar box.

I am now busily designing a cable storage box and hopefully I will be able to share the successful results in the not too distant future.

One thought on “Cable Chaos – An Update

  1. I’m late to the party. Battery chargers (and non rechargeable ones) live in the top drawer in the kitchen, seeing I have a wealth of drawers (in a smaller drawer-ed kitchen, they went in the 4th or 3rd with other electronic items).

    All entertainment style cables live in a pull out (work around) drawer on the open shelves below my TV. Reused cable ties there…

    Mobile phones are left plugged in but switched off. I try to have my personal phone by the bed for nighttime charging, and my work phone rarely needs it, but if so, it’s in the kitchen, to charge on the bench.

    I really hate that electronics mean more cables 😦 They are so bothersome!

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