Cable Chaos – An Update

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Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post with their many suggestions.  As you can probably guess from the brevity of the post, I wrote it in a hurry and did not go into a great deal of detail.

I have already tried some of your suggestions and while they are reasonably successful, I am looking for a more permanent, long-term solution.

Elastic bands perish over time.
The twist ties are pretty good but things tend to get caught up when they are all in the one box.
Blending with the decor is not a huge issue as the box or other container is stored on top of the filing cabinet in the cupboard.
I made labels from sticky labels but the paper wore out and they fell off.

Shelstar sent me a link from Pinterest which showed this re-purposed bread box.  It is clever but not quite what I am looking for.

Phone chargers
However, in the same link there was one solution that did catch my eye.

Cable organiser
It is only cardboard but I really like the principle of this and I immediately thought of some pieces of plywood that we have and how I could make a similar box.

I am now busily designing a cable storage box and hopefully I will be able to share the successful results in the not too distant future.

Pinterest – Friend or Foe?


I am probably way behind the times but about a month ago I took a look at the latest phenomenon sweeping the online world – Pinterest.  I became aware of it because of several threads about it on the forum of Simple Savings.  I had a browse and I just didn’t get what all the hype is about.  I discarded any ideas of Pinterest as an inane waste of time with no redeeming features.  I thought nothing more about it until I stumbled across 2 blogs in the last week.

Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist took a close, first-hand look and came up with this post about the pros and cons of Pinterest.

Yesterday, one of the ‘Freshly Pressed’ featured blogs on WordPress was from Never Contrary about the same subject.

Please read these links as I think they probably put their thoughts far more eloquently than I will but here are my thoughts on Pinterest:

It can be addictive – this is almost the first comment from anyone who has joined.
The concept feeds unrealistic aspirations and can easily promote jealousy and envy.
It is an insidious form of clutter.
There could be serious legal implications.
It promotes consumerism and the acquisition of stuff.
Like everywhere else on the internet the advertisers are tracking your every move.

I have not joined and do not envisage being sucked into this unrealistic, time-wasting world of pinning.  The blogs I have linked to have helped to crystallise my views.  I would rather be creating something of value in my own home than be living vicariously through random images on the internet.

Have you joined Pinterest?  What are your thoughts?