More Mending


Mending is to sewing like using leftovers is to baking.

Most people can bake or create a meal by following a recipe but often you need to have a good understanding of the underlying principles of cooking and meal preparation to be able to creatively and effectively use leftovers or random ingredients.  The same applies to sewing.  It is one thing to follow the instructions on a pattern to make an item but sometimes you need to use your understanding of some of the methods to apply it to mending tasks.

Today I was confronted with a pair of The Duke’s business trousers that had worn through right on the crease of the hem.  I do not know how this happened as the trousers are the correct length and do not drag on the ground.  It is difficult to see but the area just to the right of my thumb is a split.  It is more obvious in the following photograph.

Worn trousers
I unpicked a section of the hem.

Split in trouser hem
The damage is clearly evident.  I trimmed the couple of loose threads.  I placed a piece of iron-on interfacing over the split on the wrong side.  I made sure that the two edges of the split were closely aligned and then ironed the interfacing to seal it.  With the sewing machine set on a short zigzag stitch, I stitched over the split.

This is the wrong side after I had stitched it.

Mended trousers
Then it was a simple matter of rehemming the section of the hem which had been unpicked.  I have not posted the ‘after’ photo as the mend is virtually invisible.

Do you mend clothes?  If you have any mending questions please ask and I will see if I can help.


12 thoughts on “More Mending

    • Heidi, the interfacing helps to stabilise the fabric so that you can stitch over the split. I also use double-sided iron-on interfaccing for applying patches to the wrong side of garments. It is a great method for the knees of children’s clothes.

  1. Yes, mending is satisfying as it gives extended life to an otherwise good item. ….I think people who have learnt these skills from mother or grandmother are very blest in that they can continue to themselves use this gift and also pass it on. In so saying though not everyone can sew….it is a craft.
    Thanks for your post …I’ve repaired a good few trousers, jeans and casual pants and am so grateful that I am able to .
    Alexa from

  2. Of all things, sewing is at the top 5 of things I hate doing! I can if I have to, but boy it needs to something I really value to warrant the effort it takes. Good work 🙂

    • I cannot imagine not sewing – it is something I have done since I was about 7 years old!

      The thing I hate doing most is loading the dishwasher!

  3. I absolutely LOVE mending. It’s so fulfilling for me. I have a top with petals that have been sewn on in one long line, so they regularly get pulled off when washed. I endlessly resew them on, and whilst I curse, I actually quite enjoy the work!

  4. I enjoy the challenge of mending and the satisfaction in seeing it done but am not sure that I would be terribly happy with endlessly resewing the petals. In fact it would probably be enough to make me steer clear of buying the top in the first place. 🙂

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