Foodie Friday – Fit for the County Fair?


Just a reminder that real food comes from real dirt.  We never actually set out to grow pumpkins – they come up self-sown in the compost and some are more successful than others.  This is by far the largest I have ever grown.  I picked it today and it weighs 8.7 kg or 19.2 pounds.

I placed a 2 litre ice-cream container beside it in the photo for comparison.  This will make a lot of pumpkin soup!

4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Fit for the County Fair?

  1. Yes indeed…if there was no dirt there would be no food, but unless we are familiar with growing and gardening or an understanding of it we don’t appreciate it ….like when I was little and saw black and white cows on a box of cocoa or coffee in Germany I thought that is how you got milk coffee. I had no connection 🙂

    Alexa blogging at

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