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While I have been sorting through the blog photos, I have come across some that I took to use in blog posts that never eventuated.  Maybe it was because something more exciting came up or I simply did not get around to it.

Anyway, here are some that were sitting in a folder just waiting for the story to be written.

2015-03-17 01I noticed these small holes just below the collar on one of The Duke’s polo shirts.  It was where the label was stitched on and it was beginning to tear away as there was only a single layer of fabric and no facing.  2015-03-17 02

I carefully unpicked the label.

2015-03-17 03The next step was to iron a small piece of fusible interfacing to the wrong side.  This helps to reinforce the fabric.

2015-03-17 04I then stitched over the holes using a zigzag stitch.  The thread was a close match and the mend is barely visible.  It is certainly an improvement on the holes that were there.

2015-03-17 05Finally, I trimmed the interfacing back close to the stitching and the repair was complete.

In future, I think I will remove any labels that are on a single layer of fabric when the garment is new to avoid this happening.

Oh, and you may have noticed that ‘The Duke’ still exists.  Thank you for your suggestions and I have have come up with a couple but none of them really captured his imagination so I will ponder a bit more.  It is enough of a challenge to change once but I do not want to find myself in the same position in the future.

More Mending


Mending is to sewing like using leftovers is to baking.

Most people can bake or create a meal by following a recipe but often you need to have a good understanding of the underlying principles of cooking and meal preparation to be able to creatively and effectively use leftovers or random ingredients.  The same applies to sewing.  It is one thing to follow the instructions on a pattern to make an item but sometimes you need to use your understanding of some of the methods to apply it to mending tasks.

Today I was confronted with a pair of The Duke’s business trousers that had worn through right on the crease of the hem.  I do not know how this happened as the trousers are the correct length and do not drag on the ground.  It is difficult to see but the area just to the right of my thumb is a split.  It is more obvious in the following photograph.

Worn trousers
I unpicked a section of the hem.

Split in trouser hem
The damage is clearly evident.  I trimmed the couple of loose threads.  I placed a piece of iron-on interfacing over the split on the wrong side.  I made sure that the two edges of the split were closely aligned and then ironed the interfacing to seal it.  With the sewing machine set on a short zigzag stitch, I stitched over the split.

This is the wrong side after I had stitched it.

Mended trousers
Then it was a simple matter of rehemming the section of the hem which had been unpicked.  I have not posted the ‘after’ photo as the mend is virtually invisible.

Do you mend clothes?  If you have any mending questions please ask and I will see if I can help.