Fruit and Flowers


We planted the new blueberry bushes on Sunday.

Blueberry patch

We bought 3 each of 4 different varieties that seemed appropriate for our climate.  I collected enough rocks to create a border around the new patch.  At the moment there is residual grass but we are planning to mulch the entire area.  We will order a load of pine mulch which is acidic and suitable for the blueberries.  Underneath the mulch we will place several layers of newspaper to suppress the grass.

The passionfruit vince which we bought at the same time as the blueberries has been planted next to the chicken run so that it can grow on the fence..

Passionfruit vine
Finally, I wanted to show you one of the ornamental plants in our garden.  It is a gorgeous apricot hibiscus which was here when we came.  The shrub is nothing to look at but the flowers are stunning.  Here is one that managed to escape under the old sleeper which is placed to stop the chickens escaping under the fence.  There are lots more buds on the plant and soon it will be covered with beauties like this.

We are considering planting the garden bed infront of the verandah with a selection of hibiscus shrubs.  There is a display at Woombye (Sunshine Coast) on Saturday so we are hoping to go and get a few ideas.


5 thoughts on “Fruit and Flowers

  1. I obviously should have planted my potted blueberry in an azalea potting mix. Do you think I should change the mix now, or add something to it? I didn’t realise it needed the more acidic soil. Also, did you buy so many plants so that you had a longer fruiting season?
    I love hibiscus plants. Such pretty flowers.

    • Mary, I would change the mix now but I believe that adding coffee grounds helps to acidify the soil. If you don’t have any at home you could try asking at a local coffee shop for their waste. Perhaps some pine needles to use as mulch would also be good.

      We bought 12 plants mainly because we have the space and I am greedy. I love blueberries and they freeze really well for use in pancakes, sauces and desserts. I managed to pick 1.5kg off 3 shrubs this last summer so I figured 12 tree should give enough blueberries to have some on hand year-round. The different varieties should extend the season slightly as well.

      • Thanks for those ideas, Fairy. I will aim to repot now I think, as it’s a fairly young plant.

  2. At our first house we planted the front fenceline with hibiscus and Mum has a couple in her front yard. Lovely in bloom. Your garden looks great.

  3. Thanks, Sandra. We are pretty pleased with how things are starting to come together. We have lots more plans but it really all hinged on getting the fencing done. 🙂

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