Not My Trash


There seem to be various reasons for people choosing to substantially reduce the amount of waste that their household produces but it is essentially about not turning our planet into a mega rubbish dump.  One of the most visible issues is the plastic in our oceans so removing single-use plastic items from your life is a good first step.

The goal of zero waste is admirable but what about the litter that seems to be everywhere?

This morning I went for a walk.  We live in a semi-rural area on a narrow secondary road.  This is what I collected.


Pepsi bottle
Iced coffee bottle plus 2 pieces of the plastic label
Flattened soft drink can
Turkish delight wrapper
Half of a single serve yoghurt container
Plastic bag
Broken reflector from a vehicle

Apart from the reflector, all of the other items were knowingly discarded.  Almost everything relates to food and drink and the aluminium drink can is the only piece that is not single use plastic.

I know this is only a very small sample but I think these items clearly tell the story of where change needs to occur.

Things you can do that will make a difference (apart from not littering):

Pack your own food and drink for when you are out and about.
If you buy take-away take your own containers or choose compostable packaging.
Lobby governments to introduce container deposit legislation for all beverage containers.
Lobby for a ban on plastic bags.

4 thoughts on “Not My Trash

  1. Hi Fairy, I live in a similar type area and every morning when I go for a walk I also pick up rubbish. It amazes me that even though we live 25 minutes from a MacDonalds I often pick up rubbish from one of those meals. And even more alarming to me is the amount of beer bottles and alcohol cans, yes I take them home and put them in my recycling bin but are those people literally drinking and driving? But yes more to the point of your post, a lot of the rubbish I also pick up is single use plastic, how wasteful. In the past few years I have changed my habits and now rarely use disposable or single use items but it is always a work in progress. Things like your blog help to keep me on track.

    • Hi Julie, reducing our reliance on single-use plastic is always a work in progress. Hopefully, we can support each other and work on making a difference. 🙂

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