A Deadline

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A bit quiet on the blogging front as I have been busy sewing.  As always, once I get started on a sewing project I just want to keep going.  However, this is more than just my own interest which is driving me – it is a deadline.

Sunday 28th January will see the official launch of Maleny Boomerang Bags.  In order to make this a successful event, we want to have has many completed bags as possible available on the day.

I have been doing my bit and have finished 10 so far.  Here are some of them.

2017-01-25 01

I have more straps made and bags cut out so hope to be able to add to that number before Sunday.

You would think that would be relatively easy since tomorrow is Australia Day and we have a 3 day weekend but there is the small matter of the Australian Film Festival.  This festival is an annual event hosted by the Maleny Film Society and we will be attending 4 films over 2 days as well as a couple of additional sessions so I am not sure how much sewing will get done.

To my Australian readers – what are your long weekend plans?

One thought on “A Deadline

  1. Friday a movie with my child at the cinema at the special school holiday $10 rate.

    Friday possibly attend a “Change the Date” rally to support and listen to local Indigenous people’s thoughts, stories & feelings.

    Possibly a bit of babysitting Friday (child is sick so might be cancelled). 4hr babysitting gig another group of children Saturday. I can take my child to all of them (which she loves) and earn little cash to pay towards my next unit on Monday morning at my local university.

    Sunday prepare for the new school year for both my daughter & myself. 2018 will be hectic yet again. Monday here we come!!!

    I’ve seen the boomerang bags in my town however they cost $6.95 so I think people turn them down for the cheaper plastic bags. At that price I don’t see it as a valuable community educational tool.

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