A Pile of Gold


Well, it is not strictly gold but we had this pile of compost delivered today. This rich, organic material is like gold for our vegetable garden beds.

GMan and I moved it all to the various garden beds this afternoon. We also pulled up plenty of weeds which are thriving with the recent rain. At least the ground is soft which makes them easier to pull out.

Most of my posts, like this one, are about things that happen here that are a little bit out of the ordinary. However, tomorrow I am going talk about some of the everyday jobs. The ones we do day in and day out. They get very little recognition but they definitely need to be done.

2 thoughts on “A Pile of Gold

  1. Yes, that sure is like gold Yvonne. Worth more than money to use gardeners. Iā€™d really enjoy hearing about your everyday life too.
    Yesterday and today hubby and I have washed down our house and I made a start on cleaning the windows and doors. The whole house and verandahs look refreshed. A very satisfying job.

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