Ongoing Maintenance


Even though most areas of my home are decluttered, I find that regular maintenance is both useful and necessary.

These shelves in my laundry cupboard had got a bit out of hand recently so it was time to pull everything out.

I wiped the shelves down, sorted out the contents and removed a few things before replacing the remainder. It is also a good reminder to check what is actually stashed away at the back.

There were a couple of old calico carry bags that were stained irreparably so they will go in the compost and a bottle of bleach which GMan uses for cleaning/sterilising home brew bottles will be relocated to the cupboards downstairs with the rest of the home brew equipment.

4 thoughts on “Ongoing Maintenance

  1. I love seeing a before and after, it’s motivating and encouraging! I’ve been feeling like I need to pull everything out of my wardrobe and try reorganise it, and this post has prompted me to actually do it!

    • Thanks, Sarah. There is nothing like a ‘before’ and ‘after’ for inspiration. I try to include them in as many of my posts as possible where it is relevant. Sometimes it is more obvious than others. πŸ™‚

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