Christmas Cheer

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Unlike some other years I have written very little about Christmas this year.

We decided not to put up the tree this year as we will be away for Christmas.

2015-12-21 01

Yesterday we had a small Christmas celebration with my immediate family as we will not see them on Christmas Day.  We went out for a casual lunch, then went to the local playground so that our 2 granddaughters could use up some excess energy.  Finally, we adjourned to my brother’s place were we shared some sweet nibbles and drinks while we opened our gifts.  It was a low-key but perfect day.

The only thing that I had not done was send cards/letter/emails.  This afternoon I sat done and wrote a generic letter, added a couple of relevant photographs and sent it off to various corners of Australia and overseas with a couple of clicks.  I still have a small number of cards to post and I will do that tomorrow and hopefully they will still arrive in time for Christmas.

I am not sure how many blog posts will happen over the next week so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year.


Meeting a Deadline


No real time for blogging just now as I have a deadline to meet.

We are going to lunch at our friends’ place on Saturday and we have been requested to bring our photos from our USA trip.  I had nearly 1000 photos from our 4 week trip but the first cull brought that back to just under 600.  I have now got them in order and am looking at them critically  and culling them further.  I hope to have them in a presentable state to show as a slideshow by Saturday.  Wish me luck.

Christmas is presenting other deadlines and the next thing on the agenda will be finishing our Christmas letter – I have some general notes so it just needs to be padded out a bit.  Then I will write the cards that I still send and organise my Christmas email which is actually the majority of my Christmas correspondence these days.

What deadlines do you have looming as the year draws to a close?