What A Difference……..

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…….a week makes!!

We have had a very dry few months and some extremely hot weather .

2013-01-25 01In fact, last Friday night I was contemplating how The Duke and my brother-in-law would manage doing some fencing in the predicted hot weather last weekend.  Tonight it is raining steadily and the rain is predicted to increase in intensity over the next 48 hours as the tropical low moves further south towards us.  We have already received about 150mm (6 inches) of rain in just over 36 hours.

2013-01-25 02The second stage of the fence building may be delayed.

2012-11-18 03The humidity is off the scale, everything is wet to touch, I have washing on the airer indoors and we are running the dehumidifier in the bedroom.  But……the life-giving rain is back to replenish the tanks and gardens and I am so happy.

2012-11-18 02This weekend might be an indoor one but I have plenty to do.  I have more things to unpick for patchwork fabric.  If I can get this done and the fabric sorted and put away ready for use I will be pleased.

Stay safe wherever you are and whatever the weather.  I hope you have a relaxed weekend.


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We have had chickens for about 6 years now but in the last 12 months the most recent ones have been broadening their horizons.  They wander beyond our boundaries and have been making a nuisance of themselves by scratching on the neighbour’s property.  So for the last few weeks we have had to keep them shut up mostly except when we are around to closely supervise their whereabouts.

In the long term we plan to rebuild the chicken house in a different location and have a substantial fenced area where they will be able to roam.  However, this is not going to happen immediately as it is to be done in conjunction with fencing the vegetable garden area and some other landscaping.

2012-05-31 01 So, today I have put some nylon bird-netting over the fence and gate where I think they get out and seem to have successfully kept the chickens in our yard.

We also have some temporary fencing around the vegetable gardens as they are diligent when it comes to looking for tasty morsels, and there are plenty of earthworms in the garden.

2012-05-31 02And here are a couple of photos of the girls happily scratching in an area that is perfect for them.

2012-05-31 04Having a lovely time in the leaf litter…………

2012-05-31 03