Simple to Keep, Simple to Clean

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This morning I unloaded the dishwasher and put the cutlery away in the drawer.  As I was about to do so I noticed a few stray crumbs in the drawer.

I removed the remaining cutlery, took the plastic insert out, shook out the crumbs and gave it a quick wipe with a damp cloth and a little bit of homemade ‘Gumption’ which removed a few scuff marks.  A quick rinse and dry then the cutlery was replaced.  This took me about 5 minutes.

2016-02-27 01

There was nothing to declutter as I have just what I need in this drawer.  It is easy to see and access.

Is there anything I would remove in the future?  Yes.  The child-sized cutlery set is for my younger granddaughter to use and will not be required for too much longer. The plastic bag on the lefthand side holds bamboo skewers which I very rarely use.  When they are finished I probably will not automatically replace them.  Everything else has a purpose and would stay.

To me, that is the whole point of decluttering – have what you need and use in an easily accessible spot which is easy to keep clean.

Chemical-Free Cleaning


As promised here is a recipe for one of the homemade cleaning products that I use.  I found the recipe on the internet some months ago and have adapted the quantities to suit my needs.

It is simple to make.  You need only basic utensils.

Only 3 ingredients.

Cream Cleanser

1&1/2 cups bicarb soda
110ml dishwashing liquid
30ml eucalyptus oil

Mix all ingredients together to form a ‘Gumption-style’ paste.

Store in container.  I use glass because the original instructions cast some doubt over the compatibility with some plastics.

Use to clean sinks, baths and basins by rubbing a paste over the surface and rinse clean with fresh water.  You can spray with vinegar for added effect.  As always, test surface to ensure it is OK to use.

I use this paste and a soft cloth to clean my Neoflam frying pan.

You should never need to buy Gumption, Jif, Ajax or similar ever again.

The eucalyptus oil gives the added bonus of relieving any head cold symptoms while you do the housework!

I will have another recipe tomorrow but in the meantime feel free to share any chemical-free/homemade cleaning tips.