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Thank you all for your comments and feedback to my last post.  I gave myself the day off from posting yesterday while I considered how I will manage posts and new content in the future.

Three weeks of daily posts has convinced me that it is not feasible to continue this schedule indefinitely.  While there is sometimes plenty of content to fill daily posts there is not always time to create the posts with the detail I prefer to include.

I canvassed the possibility of creating a pattern of posts each week based around cooking, gardening, organising and sewing.  However, I have discarded that idea as I really do not want to lock myself into a regimented pattern.

2020-06-03 01

So, I will generally be posting every 2 – 3 days on a variety of subjects with no strict pattern but simply based on what is happening, and hopefully, of interest to my readers.

As well as the regular blog posts there will also be content posted on Instagram.  Please follow me @ organisedcastle  Additionally, the Instagram posts are shared to the Organised Castle page on Facebook.  ‘Like’ the page on Facebook and receive notification of new blog posts.

If you find a post that resonates with you please feel free to share with others, either via a link on your blog, Facebook or other social media.

Finally, do you have a blog?  Please share in the comments if you would like me to add it to the blog roll on the right-hand side of my blog.  This is a list of some of the informative, useful and downright lovely blogs that I follow.

That is enough introspection from me.  The next blog post will be back to the garden to show you the progress on our latest project.

See you then.

A Trio of Firsts


Today is Monday, the first day of the working week.  It is also the first day of June and, here in Australia, the official first day of winter.

It is almost like a new year.  While most people restrict their attempts at resolutions to a new calendar year on the first of January, there are plenty of other opportunities to turn over a new leaf if you choose to look for them.  However, the midst of an ongoing global pandemic may not be the best time to consider starting afresh.  Or, perhaps it is.

I am thinking of ruling a line under the past few months and moving forward.

For almost 3 weeks I have added a blog post every day.  I have never made daily posts for an extended period previously and I have been writing this blog for over 9 years now.  It has been an experiment on several levels.  Could I maintain this level of engagement consistently now that I am retired?  Does self-isolation (mostly) make it easier to write blog posts every day?  Do I want to lock myself into writing every day?  Will I always have appropriate new content every day?  Are readers looking for new content every day?  Could I intersperse blog posts every 2-3 days with Instagram posts on a specific Organised Castle Instagram account?

Dear readers, I am really keen to hear your thoughts on the frequency, length, content and photos of my blog posts.  Also, do you go back and look at older material or click on the related links I sometimes provide?  I look forward to your honest thoughts and opinions.

Meanwhile, I am about to prepare the vegetables for dinner.  We are having one of our favourite cool weather meals – roast vegetables and gravy which I will serve with some green beans from the garden.

2020-06-01 01

While the oven is on, I will also make a Lemon Delicious and some more Cheese Scones to store in the freezer.  These are great for serving with a bowl of piping hot soup.

What I Wear – 2 Month Update

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At the end of November I wrote this post outlining my plan to track what clothes I wear.

It is now 2 months since I began this project on 1st December.

I listed every item of clothing that I own on an Excel spreadsheet.  I included scarves but not socks, underwear or pyjamas.  The list started at 90 items, then increased to 95 during December when I bought 5 new tops.

In the past 2 months I have worn 65 of the 95 items listed.  Most of the unworn ones are winter woollens and coats/jackets.

I have now discarded 3 pieces so am back to 92.  They were this pair of trousers which i finally ripped beyond repair, an old polo shirt when I realised I had more than enough gardening clothes and a dress.  When I was ironing the dress, I discovered it had a tear in the centre front of the skirt.  I had bought it from a recycle boutique, had plenty of wear out of it and was not devastated to let it go.  It was the black and white dress second from the left hand end of the rack.


I returned to work on 4th January after 2 weeks break.  My work outfits are not substantially different and a lot of the separates are also worn for casual wear.  The exception is shorts – I do not not wear them to the office.

We have had a week or 2 of hot weather and more coming up.  At this time of the year my outfits are very simple and straightforward.  There is limited opportunity for mixing and matching.

Today is a summer dress and sandals.

You can follow my daily clothes posts on Instagram.

What I Wear – 1 Month Update

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At the end of November I wrote this post outlining my plan to track what clothes I wear.

It is now a little over a month since I began this project of 1st December so I thought it was time to check how I am going.

2015-05-18 02

I listed every item of clothing that I own on an Excel spreadsheet.  I included scarves but not socks, underwear or pyjamas.  There were 90 items on the list initially but it expanded during December when I bought 5 new tops so it is now 95.  It encompasses the full range from a cocktail dress to the clothes I wear when I am gardening and everything in between.

December included work, casual social occasions,  Christmas, a trip to Melbourne and some work around the house.  I wore almost half of my total collection with 46 pieces being worn.  Many pieces wore worn just once or twice during the month but my 2 pairs of denim jeans were each worn on 4 different days.  I found this surprising as it is summer and I would not have expected this.

I think this is going to be a really interesting exercise and am looking forward to understanding what I wear most often.

You can also follow my daily clothes posts on Instagram.

What I Wear

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post in which I mentioned that I had a plan for my wardrobe which I was would begin on 1st December which is the first official day of summer.  I have decided to begin tomorrow which is actually 30th November but it suits me since it is Monday and the beginning of a new week.

I was tempted by the idea of turning the hangers around the wrong way and then returning them to their correct position once the garment had been worn.  I decided that this would be annoying and it was easier to list everything on a spreadsheet.

I have put everything I own in my wardrobe or drawers and am going to keep a record on the spreadsheet of what I wear each day.  I want to see whether I do actually wear everything that I own and also see how often they are worn.

As an added incentive I am going to post a photo of my outfit for each day on Instagram so you will be able to follow what I am up to with this project.

I will review what has been worn at the end of each month.  I expect that the majority of my summer clothes will be worn within the first month.

Finally, here is a dress which is not mine.  It is the one I am making for Miss O for her birthday.  The buttons and buttonholes at the back are all that is left to do to finish it.

2015-11-29 01