No Repairs Today


While I am prepared to have a go at repairing almost anything, there are some things that only have one destination at the end of their life and that includes small electrical appliances such as irons.

I was almost finished the ironing on Sunday when I realised that the iron did not seem to maintaining its heat. On closer inspection I discovered that it was not on and that we had lost power on one circuit.  A bit of judicious testing revealed that the iron was malfunctioning and tripping the circuit breaker.

So, the old iron has been discarded and I bought a new one on Monday.


I expect that when I do not have business attire to launder for both of us that my ironing pile will decrease significantly but for the moment an iron is absolutely essential.

Now, I just need to find time to make a new cover for the ironing board as this one is now worn out.  It is actually close to 2 years since I wrote a blog post about the fact that it was about to wear out.

I really must do something about it this weekend.  The new iron deserves a new cover on the board!


That Moment When……………………

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You realise that the ironing board cover needs replacing.

2014-12-21 01One minute it seems OK and the next it has ripped to shreds.

2014-12-21 02This is the cover I made from a brand new cotton doona cover I bought from the op shop.  It was the first time I had made one and I was very pleased with the result.  You can read about it here.

I could never have told you how long an ironing board cover lasted but thanks to this blog I now know that this one has given 2.5 years of service.  I regard that as pretty reaonable as I do a fair bit of ironing.

Sunday Sewing


Today I took a break from the patchwork and did some other sewing.

First though, I did the ironing.  While I was doing it I discovered a tear in the ironing board cover.  I had noticed recently that it was getting close to wearing out.

001So it was time for a new one.  I decided that it could not be that difficult to make one so set about deconstructing the old cover.

002Here is what I salvaged: padding which I reused and also used as a pattern, bundle of polyester binding from the edge, elastic and clip from the edge, 2 velcro straps from underneath, edge strip which I used as a pattern.

003The fabric I used for the new cover is part of an op shop quilt cover that I bought last year.  I used the front to make a tablecloth for a work event and I had the backing left over.  I don’t think the quilt had been used and the fabric is 100% cotton.

004This the almost finished cover.  I just had to do some adjustments to the velcro straps which go underneath the board.  They were not long enough to go across my board so I had not used them previously.  I replaced the short end with some cotton tape so that I could use them.

005Just like new.

007This is the view under the board and you can see the modified velcro strap.

008I re-used most of the original cover when I made the new one.  The pile on the left is the cotton fabric which has gone into the compost.  On the right is the rubbish pile – remnants of foam which has almost disintegrated in places, the polyester thread from the unpicking (not visible) and the 2 short lengths of velcro that I replaced with cotton tape.

And a preview of things to come – starting from tomorrow and continuing each Monday for several weeks, I will begin a series  titled ‘Project Streamline’.  It is a natural progression (for me) from my participation in Project 333.  Please drop in and feel free to offer your thoughts/advice or you may like to join in.

See you tomorrow.