No Repairs Today


While I am prepared to have a go at repairing almost anything, there are some things that only have one destination at the end of their life and that includes small electrical appliances such as irons.

I was almost finished the ironing on Sunday when I realised that the iron did not seem to maintaining its heat. On closer inspection I discovered that it was not on and that we had lost power on one circuit.  A bit of judicious testing revealed that the iron was malfunctioning and tripping the circuit breaker.

So, the old iron has been discarded and I bought a new one on Monday.


I expect that when I do not have business attire to launder for both of us that my ironing pile will decrease significantly but for the moment an iron is absolutely essential.

Now, I just need to find time to make a new cover for the ironing board as this one is now worn out.  It is actually close to 2 years since I wrote a blog post about the fact that it was about to wear out.

I really must do something about it this weekend.  The new iron deserves a new cover on the board!


2 thoughts on “No Repairs Today

  1. It must have been reading that 2014 post that encouraged me to make a new cover for my own ironing board. I used the original as a pattern, but couldn’t use any of the bits, as it was in absolute shreds (including the light foam padding–just gross!). I re-purposed an old heavy window curtain for the top, and a retired terry-cloth bathrobe for the lining fabric. I probably wouldn’t use curtain fabric again, but it’s ok. It has a tendency to make clothes cling to the board a bit (or at least it did when ‘new’), but doesn’t leave any unwanted deposits on the iron (or clothes), so it’ll do. Mainly, I’m thrilled that it didn’t cost me a thing, and made a little dent in my stash of salvaged fabrics. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean about the padding being gross! I was shocked the first time I replaced the cover and the foam was all shredded and suck to the remnants of the cover. It is great to be able to use the of the collected materials for a project. 🙂

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