Decluttering Day


This afternoon The Duke and I decluttered our wardrobes.  I did not have a lot to go as I had gone through my clothes when I decided to join in Project 333.  However, there were a couple of things which had survived the previous cull.

The Duke sorted through shirts which had seen better days as well as a few other things.

Here is the bag to go to the op shop.

2012-04-25 01All of our clothes are in one large wardrobe (half each) apart from 2 parkas each, The Duke’s suit and good jacket plus my winter coat.  They are hanging in the wardrobe in the guest bedroom.

I also sorted out the hangers.  We now have everything on the same type of hangers (plastic-coated) except for The Duke’s trousers which are on special trouser hangers that we bought from Howard’s Storage World some time ago and clip hangers for my skirts.  We have a lot of excess hangers (we must have had more clothes at some time) so this pile are going to the op shop.

2012-04-25 02I have kept about 16 plain wooden hangers which I intend to cover and give to Belle for the children’s clothes as they are fast outgrowing the child-sized hangers they currently use.

I have kept the spare plastic and trouser hangers that match the ones in use.

We have also made a list of the clothes we need to buy.  The Duke will need 4 more business shirts and 2 pairs of trousers.  I would like 1 or 2 pairs of trousers for work.  I also need to buy an outfit for a wedding we will be going to next year.  None of these are necessary right now as we have enough to get by so we will look until we find the right clothes at a good price.  We are considering waiting until we are in the US later in the year.

It was useful to regularly review exactly what clothes we have and consider what else we want to buy.



I haven’t posted for a few days as I was determined to clear my sewing room of some of the unfinished projects.  Some of them were physically started and not completed and others were just in my imagination and not even started.

Anyway, here  are some of the finished items.

Shorts for Izz.

And a pair for Miss O.

This is another pair of shorts for Miss O using a different pattern.

This playsuit is one that I didn’t finish when Miss O was a baby (I did make 7 others) so it will be donated to charity.  Perhaps they will be able to use it in Christmas gifts.

A tiny blouse for my niece for her birthday.

And a pinafore to go with the blouse.  This is made from the leftovers of the pinafore I made for Miss O earlier in the year.

A summer blouse for myself.  I have had the material for 2.5 years and started making it last summer.  This is a tried and true pattern that I made from a purchased blouse.  I have made several using the same pattern.

This is not strictly something that I made.  I bought this dress for Miss O a few weeks ago at an op shop for $8.  It is ‘Fred Bare’ brand and in excellent condition.  There were a couple of small stains which were removed using Sard Wonder soap and a good wash.  The hemline is scalloped at the sideseams and had a facing which was pulling away in places.  I removed it a replaced it using plain fabric.  I salvaged the facing fabric and used some of it to make this matching shoulder bag.

It is a great feeling to have a collection of finished items ready for use rather than half-finished projects and fabric taking up space.

I still have several things to do including a pair of summer pyjamas for Miss O, dress for Belle and 2 polo shirts for The Duke.  I have drafted the pattern for the pyjamas from an old Enid Gilchrist pattern book and am about to start cutting them out.

What unfinished projects do you have?