Dinner Module


I have previously mentioned the concept of having modules to contain items fore a particular purpose.  It helps to set limits so that you cannot begin to store more of a group of items than what will fit in the container.

Modules are also a useful concept to keep all of the things that will be used for a project in one place.  It is this theory that I applied this morning in my kitchen.

Before I left for work I began the preparation for dinner.  We will be having stuffed capsicums (red peppers) so the peppers are de-seeded and washed.  I also thawed some rice which I will use when I make one for The Duke and there is grated sweet potato for the stuffing of mine.  I have not finalised exactly what else I will use but there will definitely be mushrooms in the mix.

So, I grabbed a large plastic container (and lid), put all of the partly prepared ingredients in the tub and popped it in the fridge.  Now it is all ready to go when I get home so I can quickly finish the preparation.

2013-01-24 01

Sunday Stuff

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Today I continued with my sewing and sorting our some more of the stuff that was on my sewing table.

I have all but finished the apron I am making.  Just a bit of handsewing on the waistband and buttons and buttonholes to attach the neck strap.

2012-04-15 01This is what the neck strap and buttons will look like.

2012-04-15 02Finally, the pocket detail of which I am rather proud.

2012-04-15 03I really hope my apron partner likes it.

The next things I am working on are 2 summer tops for myself.  I know I will not need them for several months but it will be nice to have them finished and hanging in my wardrobe, rather than cluttering up space on my work table.

Now that the space is cleared I can see exactly what else I have to sew.  There are several Christmas gift bags as well as fabric for a reusable shopping bag (I am going to copy an existing one for a pattern).  I have other fabric earmarked to make a skirt for my niece, summer pyjamas for my granddaughter, a dress for Belle and a couple of polo shirts for The Duke so there is plenty to keep me occupied.

My plan is to do some sewing at least one each week and gradually work my way through the ‘To Do’ list.

On other matters, I have done a menu plan for the week for both lunches and dinners.  I have been rather slack lately and although we have not resorted to takeaway or eating out, my planning has been a bit haphazard.  I am back on track and hopefully this will make the morning rush a bit less rushed.  Tomorrow we are having leftover lasagne and salad and this is all prepared and in the refrigerator ready to grab and go in the morning.

I like to spend some time on Sundays getting organised so that I can have a headstart on the coming week.

Are you prepared for the week ahead?

Making A List…..And Checking It Twice

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Santa Claus certainly had the right idea when it came to being organised.

2012-02-14 01I am doing some paid work at home tomorrow but also have a long list of things to do.  It is essential that I write a list to ensure nothing gets forgotten and also to do things in the most efficient manner.

Things I need to do include:

Put out rubbish and recycling bins for collection

Pick cherry tomatoes at neighbour’s place

2012-02-14 02Pick up parcels from the Post Office
Deposit a cheque
Take poster to the picture framers and choose a frame
Drop off stuff to the op shop
Go to the Co-op to buy tamari, peanut paste, shower gel and face wash
Go to the IGA to buy bacon and salami
Pick up seeds that I have ordered
Meet friends for coffee and to swap/share our produce

2012-02-14 03The list in italics all needs to be done in Maleny which is a 16km round trip so I make sure that I bundle everything together and get it all done in one trip.

2012-02-14 04Now I am off to set up a new bit of household organisation.  More on that tomorrow.

Christmas, Birthdays, Anything……..

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The byline for this blog is ‘An organised, sustainable life’.  Perhaps you wonder where the link is between organisation and sustainability.  If you think about it, the connection is there every day in everything you do but never is it more obvious than in the lead up to celebratory events such as Christmas and birthdays.

Tomorrow we will be going to Miss O’s 4th birthday party and I have been planning and preparing her gift.  Here is a dress that I have made for her.

2011-11-26 01The fabric has been in my stash for a couple of years, the facings are scraps from a dress that had been unpicked, the buttons (originally used on a dress for Belle about 20 years ago) came out of the button jar and I bought 20cm of contrast fabric for the pockets.

We bought a wooden jigsaw puzzle from Amazen.  They have a shop at Montville, which is about 15 minutes drive from us.  The range of quality children’s toys and games in excellent.

2011-11-26 02I made a bag to store the puzzle pieces as it does not come in a box.

2011-11-26 03Once again, this was created entirely from scraps.  I think it looks really effective and hope it will be useful.

I wrapped the gift using recycled paper and ribbon that I have saved.  I made a card using some white card and an offcut of the paper.

2011-11-26 04Being organised means that you can easily locate items that have been stored for future use.  Equipment is easily accessible.  Planning ahead is essential if you do not want to be rushing to the shop and grabbing something at the last minute.

It is 4 weeks until Christmas so now is definitely the time  to think seriously about preparations for Christmas.  I have already tested a couple of recipes for things I am making as gifts.  Tomorrow I will start the ginger beer plant so that the finished product is ready for Christmas.  I will share the details of that in my next post.

Now I am off to make up a platter that we are taking to a ‘Christmas drinks and nibbles’ function this evening.  It will include balsamic dipping sauce from the recipe I posted the other day and guacamole made with our own avocadoes.  I made sure I picked some avocadoes earlier in the week so that they would be ripe for today.

What have you done to get organised for Christmas?  Will it minimise the last-minute rush and inevitable overspending that seem to go hand-in-hand?