It is one thing to instigate changes yourself but the ones that are forced upon you (for a wide variety of reasons) can be another thing entirely.


But hang in there because the end result may be beautiful.

This morning we headed off to catch the train as we do each weekday morning.  It seemed that the train was a few minutes late but we did not give it too much thought until several stations down the line.  It became apparent that this train was going to stop at several stations that are normally bypassed by this express service.

Then it dawned on us that today was the first day of the new timetable due to the opening of a new branch line.  I then studied the timetable online and discovered several changes which will have a slight but noticeable impact on our morning and evening travel routine.

It is easy to slip into a routine that works for you but invariably there are outside forces at work to almost constantly disrupt things.

Both GMan and I are in the process of moving at work.  GMan’s entire office is moving a couple of kilometres away to an entirely new building while my department is simply moving to a different floor in our building.  All of this brings challenges and one of them can be the reaction of those around you.  Negativity and anxiousness can easily be transmitted within a group.

I try hard to be as flexible as possible and make a conscious effort not to be upset by things which are beyond control.

How about you?  Hope do you stay afloat when you seem to be surrounded by changes?



My Own Advice


Today I am swallowing some of my own advice.

In my last blog post I talked about not trying to meet prescriptive minimalist goals.  I eschewed the extreme attitude of Bea Johnson at Zero Waste Home as being not for me quite early in my minimalism journey.  There are numerous other extreme ideas such as wearing the same dress every day for a year.  I applaud the people that choose to push the boundaries and carry out these ideas but it is not for me.

However, I have been somewhat seduced by things such as Project 333 and Plastic-Free July.  I have discovered that the life I live does not necessarily meet the lofty ideals of these and similar sites.

I think that part of my ‘problem’ which is not really a problem at all is the fact that I am a well-rounded person (not necessarily in the physical sense).  I dabble in range of strategies to live simply, reduce consumption as well as saving money and resources and have done for quite some time.

It is those ideas and strategies that I try to share with you here on the blog.  The little day to day things that may not look like much but add up over time.

There are many others out there who are doing the same stuff every single day and I want to encourage you to do the same.

There are no numbers that you have to achieve, it is not a race but simply an invitation to live the best life you can.

That is enough talk from me – from tomorrow I will be back to sharing some of the practical things that are part of my routine.

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