Sew My Stash Sunday – 16

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Today I got right back to the essence of what this series is all about – using up the stash of fabric that is sitting in my sewing room.  It does not have to be for what it was originally purchased nor for me or my family.

Several years ago I was visiting Melbourne and I friend offered me several metres of dark blue poly cotton fabric.  I accepted as I felt sure that I would be able to put it to good use at some stage.

Two years ago I wrote this post about making a fabric suit bag.  Some of the fabric was used for that but there was still plenty left over.

I decided a while ago that I would make up some simple shorts and donate them.  Today I cut out 9 pairs of size 4 shorts from the fabric.

2015-05-24 01They are a simple pull-on style with an elasticated waist.

Tomorrow I need to go into Maleny so while I am there I will call into one of the shops which has a sign about donations for Nepal earthquake victims and see if they would like to take the shorts.

I would like to make some other simple clothes for children who may otherwise have very little so will be looking closely at my fabric to see what else I can make.

Adding More Life


It is nearly 3 years since I wrote this post about extending the use of a pair of 3/4 trousers by making them into shorts.  That project worked extraordinarily well as I still have the shorts and wear them almost every weekend during the summer.  They are lightweight and comfortable and great for gardening and generally hanging about at home.  Imagine my despair a few days ago when I realised that the zip had broken.

001I thought that they were finally destined for the bin but after rummaging in my stash of extra zips I found one that would be suitable.

002I decided that I had nothing to lose as they were no use with a broken zip so I set to work.  In my opinion, there is only one thing more challenging than putting in a zip and that is replacing one because when putting a zip in a new garment it is inserted near the beginning of the construction rather than at the end.  Due to the purpose of the shorts, I was not too worried about the finished look.

003While it is somewhat rustic, I was very pleased with the end result which is a perfectly functional pair of shorts.

004This whole project took me about 10 minutes to complete.

Project Streamline – Shorts


I know it is almost winter (and the temperatures definitely reflect that fact) but today I am going to review my selection of shorts.  Perhaps it is easier to be rational about clothes in the opposite season?


Once again, I will catalogue everything that are shorts regardless of the state of them.

2012-05-28 01Good casual shorts – 3 pairs – black, white and khaki in the same style.
PROS – colour, fit
CONS –none
DECISION – they all stay – basis of my summer casual wardrobe

2012-05-28 02Rugby knit shorts x 2 – grey and red
PROS – comfortable, worn at home
CONS – 11 years old, paint-spattered
DECISION – keep wearing until they wear out

2012-05-28 03Refashioned shorts from some hiking pants
PROS – super comfortable and lightweight
CONS – generally worn at home or locally
DECISION – keep wearing them

2012-05-28 04Board shorts
PROS – hardly worn
CONS – not sure how much I will wear these
DECISION – reassess my swimwear/board shorts when it gets closer to summer

Today I heard of someone planning an overseas trip who thought 1 pair travel pants, 3 pairs jeans, 3 pairs cargo pants and a skirt was a reasonable number of ‘bottoms’ to pack.  I don’t even own 3 pairs of jeans!!  When I hear stories like that I know that I do not really have a lot of clothes.